Stylish Comfort: Back to School Dorm Wear Guide

You're in your dorm room or at your apartment on a Tuesday night, and all you have planned for the next couple of hours is watching reality TV (or as we all call it, "studying".) Picture what you're wearing. Probably sweats, right? Sweats are definitely comfortable, but they're not always the most flattering. Especially if you're in the dorms, your friends or that cute guy down the hall might drop by at any moment. So how do you stay comfortable yet stylish?


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First, you'll need soft t-shirts, tanks, and cover ups. Don't go for that over-sized free t-shirt you got at some random school fair. Choose a couple of genuinely soft jersey knits that hang loosely off of you in your favorite colors. Put on a comfortable cardigan or your school sweatshirt if it's cold.


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Pick up a few pairs of yoga pants and soft shorts to wear with your soft tops. Yoga pants look slimmer than giant sweatpants. Want comfort but a more dressed up look? Pick up a stretch skirt to wear with a comfortable tee.


Forever 21 | Wet Seal | Urban Outfitters
Finally, if you actually need to go out later and don't want to change, choose a soft, basic knit dress that you can quickly dress up with some jewelry and shoes.

While you may not win any "Most Fashionable" awards while wearing your loungewear, you'll definitely stay comfortable still look put together!

What do you think? What are your favorite ways to combine comfort and style?

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