Looks for Less: Birkin on a Budget

Just imagine, you’re flipping through channels or maybe glancing through websites and BAM, you see the most incredible thing. It is the most got-to-have item (in your eyes) and you begin to drool. In a fashion fever you begin to search for where you can get this item and then, of course, the price. And too often that price ends up being a dream-crusher, because it is clearly way out of your measly college girl budget.

Well unfortunately, this happened to me recently while watching a "Sex and the City" rerun. I fell in love all over again with a Birkin, but only for my heart to be broken, just as quickly as the love fest began. When this happens, do you find yourself nearly hopeless? Well, most of the time I do, until today when my investigation skills took the best of me and I set out on a hunt to ultimately find my replica. For that reason, I figured it best to share my discovery.

Obviously, the gorgeous Hermes Birkin can never truly be replicated, but when you are on a serious budget (and most of the world is when it comes to one of these) a look-for-less is a must. So finding this one below for just $99 is perfect (until I am rich and famous, of course!) The best news is they have a slue of colors available for any girl and all seasons.

Angela Large Lock And Key Bag in Gray - $99 - Melie Bianco

By: Ashley Mancini | Images: Tumblr,

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