Going Greek: Your Guide to a Successful Sorority Recruitment

Did you sign up for fall sorority recruitment and don't know what to expect?

Although the weeks of recruitment can be some of the most exhilarating, eye-opening, overwhelming and time-consuming weeks of the school year, it’s very important to make every second count.

Here are a few insider tips to help you look and act like a pro:

Prepare yourself mentally and physically:
Although every school is different, you will have to go through different ‘rounds’ of recruitment. Each round can last more than a day and you could even be scheduled for six hours in one day. The sets may be long and tiring, so it's important for you to have plenty of sleep, eat right and a keep a positive attitude!

Actively engage in conversation and ask plenty of questions:
Show the girls in each house that you are genuinely interested in being there and getting to know them. Ask current members questions to signal that you want to know more about what they do. It also shows them that you take initiative and you aren’t afraid of confrontation.

Pay attention all the potential new members in your rush group:
Don't just talk to the members you already know, because in the end, your pledge class will be girls that are rushing alongside you, not the ones you talk to during each set. Although current members will help you get a feel for the vibe of the house, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look around at the girls who go back to the same houses that you do.

Dress to show of your individual personality and sense of style:
Although there is usually a suggested ‘dress code’ and degree of formality for each set, it’s important that you show off your individuality. It’s a good thing for girls to remember you as the outgoing, confident young woman with your own sense of style.

Avoid relying on reputation or stereotypes to make important decisions:
Yes, you may have left high school cliques behind, but that doesn’t mean you have escaped drama or stereotypes forever. It’s important to make your decisions based on how you feel in each house- not about how you think a reputation may help you climb the social ladder.

Talk about your high school achievements, leadership and hobbies:

Don’t be afraid to bring up everything you did in high school that made you stand out! Current members like to know what you were interested in and how you showed responsibility so they know you’re a good fit for the house.

Don’t read too much into comments, conversations or girls you are paired with:
The in’s and out’s of recruitment are hard to figure out. Save yourself the stress and try to trust the system. More often than not, girls end up in houses that they feel the most comfortable in.

Enjoy yourself and meet new people:
This is an exciting new chapter of your life. You are about to meet groups of girls that could become your best friends for life. You'll share experiences, laughter, happiness and struggles with each other as you make it through your college years. Also, remember that recruitment is a great time to meet girls in all of the houses on campus, not just the ones in your house.

Keep and open mind and always be yourself:
There is nothing worse than a girl pretending to be something she’s not. Your sisters will love you for the individual you are- and the only way to find these girls is to be honest and sincere from the beginning. Yes, some of the songs and rush conversations may seem a little cliché, but they are only used to help guide you to your home.

Good Luck!

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