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If you've ever followed Jessica's blog, Lovely Undergrad, you'll know that she has a seriously good eye for interior design. An upcoming junior, she also blogs about her lovely undergraduate life and college fashion, but it's her love for decor that makes her stand out. We had the chance to catch up with Jessica about her blog, life, and her charming design sense!

Can you tell us a little about Lovely Undergrad and why you started blogging?

The spring and summer before I had to move into a college dorm, I was all about planning for decorating my future home-away-from home. However, when I searched the internet for dorm décor ideas, the findings were disappointing. I started Lovely Undergrad as an online place to keep track of all the pretty interiors and creative projects that inspired me in preparing to decorate my own dorm room. It eventually grew to include posts on fashion, beauty, and college life in general. It has also grown with me in the sense that it includes a lot of apartment and small space content now that I have graduated from dorm life to apartment life.

One of our favorite features on LU is your dorm/apartment decor posts. What are you three favorite ways to spruce up a room?

  • Color. It was so hard to move from my beautiful turquoise blue bedroom at my parents’ house into a boring white dorm. Even though I continue to struggle with white walls in my present apartment, I have grown to love white walls for what they are. They’re a blank canvas, an empty backdrop. So I bring in a lot of color in other ways. Color sets the mood. And if you bring it in through things like bedding, throw pillows and accessories, it is easy to change up when your mood changes from season to season or semester to semester. 
  • Patterns. Solids may be safe, but patterns are so much fun. I love playing around with pattern; florals and damasks are my weakness! I think pattern can express a personality even better than color. And like color, it can be easy to switch in and out with the coming and going of trends and the development of your own personal style preferences.
  • Vintage. I am all about the lucky antique store and flea market finds. I have a serious fetish for vintage furniture and filling my apartment bedroom with it has definitely made the space more “me” and more homey. However, sometimes dorms and college apartments come furnished. Vintage accessories can be so fun, easy and cheap to find. Look for unique picture frames and old suitcases. Vintage typewriters and fans are favorites of mine, too. Vintage brings interest and history into a room that could be rather bland without it.

Featured on LU, Originally from Better Homes & Gardens

Where do you get your style and/or design inspiration?

Much of it comes from avidly reading blogs and my favorite magazines, but I’m inspired by so much around me. Antique stores and cute little boutiques are always inspiring. I’m also very inspired by fashion. A lot of times I’ll see a girl in a cute outfit and think about how I could translate that outfit into a décor scheme. That’s an area I’m definitely planning on exploring more in the future.

What are you future plans, both for yourself and Lovely Undergrad?

I’ll be a junior this fall. Currently I’m interning with Better Homes & Gardens’ Storage and Do It Yourself magazines - it’s a dream internship for me and I’m having the best summer ever! As far as the future goes, I hope to one day work for a décor magazine. I also plan on continuing to develop Lovely Undergrad and see where that goes.

By: CG Staff | Image: via Lovely Undergrad

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  1. I love the Lovely Undergrad! Deff one of my favorite blogs. :)


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