Back to School Essentials: A CG Girl’s Checklist

Is it really August already? As unbelievable as it is, summer break is nearly over and it seems that everything is piling up while you prepare for school. And to make matters worse, most colleges don’t even provide school supply checklists for you! Not to worry, CG has got you covered.

The Clothes:

Booties: A high-quality pair of faux leather or suede booties will add instant style to almost any outfit. Pair them with colorful tights or socks and have the entire room staring in envy.
A maxi dress: What’s great about a maxi dress is that it can be used as a skirt as well. Top it off with a button-down shirt or pocketed blouse and no one will ever know it’s a dress! It can also be dressed up or down for day-to-night wear.
A sheer, sleeveless blouse: This classic adds style to any outfit. You can wear it with jeans, trousers, shorts or skirts. It’s a staple that belongs in every girl’s closet. I’d suggest having multiple blouses in different colors!
A messenger bag: Sling it over your shoulder or across your torso for optimal efficiency and ease. Store your pens, paper and flash drives in here and easily access them whenever you need to take some quick notes.

The Essentials:

Lip balm: Make a good lip balm your priority for the fall. Lips tend to get chapped with the autumn weather and no matter how much NARS lipstick you layer over them, lips only look good if they’re moist and smooth.
A leisure book: Sure you’ll have a ton of assigned reading for your classes, but having a book of your own choosing to read at all times is crucial. It’ll keep your mind stimulated, your conversation interesting, and yourself entertained. Also, you’ll have something to keep you busy if your iPhone battery dies.
Shower shoes: Even if you have your own private shower in your dorm, someone else has probably showered in there before and who knows what they did in there. Save your feet from the unknown and pack some flip-flops.

The Backpack:

A flash drive: You WILL need this. I can’t tell you how many times my printer broke and I needed to get my assignment printed at my school’s ITS building—in times like these, a flash drive can be a lifesaver.
Black gel pens: Black is the most professional color to write in, so equip yourself with plenty so you can jot down quick notes, song lyrics or a grocery list.
A notebook for each class: One for each class will keep your organized so that when it comes time to study for your midterm and final, you’ll be ready to focus solely on studying instead of gathering your notes.
A dictionary: This is a no-brainer. When your professor says a ridiculously long word and you are just puzzled, a good dictionary can keep you in the loop and save you from embarrassment.

Gear up and get ready for another year of learning, peace and partying!

By: Diana Kraikittikun | Images: Tumblr, Tumblr, Tumblr, Weheartit

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  1. this is an awesome list! My freshman year I forgot to bring sunglasses and I was miserable!

  2. Great list! If you don't have a up to date ipod (new nano's are great) then invest! They were so crucial for me walking in between classes, especially on a big campus!

  3. not the list i was looking for.

  4. Loved it, thanks a bunch ;)


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