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We all want to save the whales, end world hunger and eliminate human trafficking. And we’re all filled with beautiful dreams of creating a better tomorrow for ourselves and our loved ones. But we can’t all abandon our lives completely and become full-time advocates of the cause or social issue we’re most passionate about. Or can we?

While some of us will grow up to become revolutionary difference makers by making it our lifestyles, others of us will find ourselves immersed in careers that don’t have much to do with the social issues that call and affect us so deeply. But that doesn’t mean that the latter group of people cannot be difference makers as well.

If you don’t have the means to fully commit yourself to any particular cause with every moment of your day, there are amazing ways to enact social change right from your very computer…and if you’re not swimming in Benjamins, some of these ways cost a grand total of $0.00.

SocialVibe is one of the greatest sites around. It allows communities and people of all ages to really make an impact for the better at no cost by combining both industry and social change. Anyone can pick the cause of their choice (or many causes of their choice!) and complete short and fun industry-sponsored activities in order to “earn” points or hours for change. Big corporations get advertising. We get to contribute for free. Millions get to benefit. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. Check it out at is a great petition-signing site that has met many victories. There are petitions for almost every cause and you’ll be sure to find the one that resonates with you. It’s free and effective. Take a look at and sign away!

Do Something gives you, your family, your school, and even your community the resources and information you need in order to do something related to your cause of choice and it even caters to the amount of time you’re willing to commit ranging from a minute to a year. Learn how you can do something today and even tomorrow at

Free Rice is as direct of a site as they come: for every question you answer correctly (and you will answer them correctly—they’re that easy) 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Programme to help end world hunger. You can change the subject/theme of the questions as well and some of them are really fun! You’re literally playing games to help end hunger. If you or a friend are tired of Angry Birds (is that even possible?!) then you should just head on over to and get your game on!

The non-profit organization Waves For Water was originally created by Jon Rose, a wicked surfer who traveled the globe to catch the best waves and, in the process, realized that he could do more than just surf. Originally created for surfers who travel, Waves For Water asks them to carry 10 or more clean water filters on their journeys. They can catch the waves and provide sterile drinking water to the communities they encounter. It doesn’t ask you to go out of your way to provide clean water, it asks you to have a wonderful time traveling to places you’re already headed—and carrying a few filters with you. You can purchase either family or community filters that last for years! Catch some Waves For Water at

Global Giving offers limitless venues of change, one of which is listed by Kranti, an organization created by trafficked girls themselves in order to educate and train young women to become revolutionaries. The goal is to empower women through education and keep them in school and out of exploitative trafficking. Read more and decide if you want to make a donation at

The Gift of Change:

Let’s be honest here… no one wants yet another thoughtless gift card as a birthday or holiday present. Why not give the gift of change? Make a donation in your loved one’s name and trust me, your gift will not only transcend dollar amounts, it will transcend generations. Turn a $15 coffee gift card into a $15 donation toward WWF. The ripples of your donation will reach farther than you can even imagine. Also, if you’re planning a wedding any time soon, consider making the wedding favors donations in your guests’ names as well. The guests will just end up tossing out whatever tacky favor was headed their way anyway. Why not make the gift mean something?

Change can easily be just a click away.

By: Diana Kraikittikun | Image: Tumblr

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