How to be Fearless This Summer

It’s not just Taylor Swift’s song that motivates us to be fearless in our lives—it’s also the urge to break free and have an amazing, memorable summer. If you think back to previous years, there are probably missed opportunities where you could have done something so remotely crazy and fearless, but you ended up saying hell no. So now you're reading this and thinking 'I really should have done that,' but it’s not about living live in regret, or fear. No, it’s about seizing every moment from this point on because it’s never too late to really take control and live your life the way you intended. Say goodbye to the little shell of fear that has stopped you from having amazing stories and memories to remember—no matter how messed up they can get, which we all know means anything that could happen, and it probably will. But don’t fret, because with the apparent threat of the world ending in 2012, it’s all the more reason to make summer 2011 one of the best yet.

Do something crazy:
One of my best friends, Lauren, and I have wanted to get a tattoo forever. So last week, when she called, informing me that we need to finally get one, I agreed right away. The same day, we went in to book an appointment for the next week, but with our crazy schedule, found ourselves coming in the next day to get inked. Excited butterflies were definitely apparent up until the appointment, but we pushed them aside with the reassurance that it was going to be a memory to remember. I will remember the moment that I let something crazy and impulsive happen to me. Like the memory—that moment of fearless and my new tattoo will stick with me forever. You can do the same by doing something totally new and fearless.

Have a summer romance: 
A little summer romance is always sweet, especially when it’s in the summertime, with the immense heat and sizzling chemistry during those lazy days and beautiful summer nights. The key to finding it is to not be afraid—if you see a cute guy on the beach, say hi or find some unique way to have witty banter. And if it’s a good guy friend that you’ve secretly always liked, don’t waste another minute and find a way to tell him. Just be careful, it could lead to awkward moments or breaking up your friendship if he doesn’t feel the same way that you do. But even if he doesn’t, you at least had the guts to tell him. Don’t let the jump and fall be the ultimate factor in making you miss out. Do you want to look back on your summer and see a large, lonely gap or a great summer love to tell all your friends about? The choice is an easy one, and if the summer romance takes a turn for something more serious—stay fearless because if love happens, it happens. All you need to do is take that leap of faith and jump regardless of the fall in the end.

Think about your future: 
Since school is out, you’ll likely have a lot more time and not a idea of what to do with it. If that’s the case, then start working on something that will help you in the future. If you wanted to finish a few of your college courses sooner, then take a summer course. Or if you want to kick it up a notch, take an internship or job in the summer that will give you a strong taste of your future career. If it involves moving away in the summer, to live by yourself and work, then do it! Look at it as an experience to really develop as an adult, while also doing something that will pave the road to future successes.

Say how you really feel: 
Like I mentioned earlier, fear stops us from so many things. And saying how we really feel and think, is definitely one of them. But by holding back all the time, you don’t feel any better, do you? Sometimes we don’t say our own opinions out loud to save someone else’s feelings from getting hurt. For example, if your friend got a hideous prom up-do that resembles some sort of puff ball of hair on her head, then you might want to stay quiet in the fear of getting a five-inch heel thrown at you. But if it comes to other things, such as everyday life where you never really say how you feel—well, one day, you just might explode. This summer, make it your goal to start saying one thing a day that you likely wouldn’t have expressed before. To be fearless means to express how you feel, even if it’s sometimes hard to admit. So, from this point forward stop bottling everything up and start saying what you feel—really feel and be prepared to feel a huge weight off your shoulders afterwards.

Do something daring: 
Ever wanted to go rock climbing, bungee jumping, or simply tackle that major rollercoaster that you’ve wanted for years? Well now is your chance. For me, I’m terrified of heights, just thinking of being up somewhere high, makes me nervous. So when I was a little girl, I missed out on going to the top of the C.N. Tower in Toronto. It’s still a memory that is very vivid with me, as I remember how I chickened out last minute. Well, I don’t want to live with the memory of me being afraid for the rest of my life. So this summer, I’m definitely going to go to the very top of that high tower. And for you, whatever it is that has always scared you, it’s time to face it. It’s not going to be as easy as following a yellow brick road to find a wizard that will grant you courage. But with one step at a time, you can work your way up there and tackle your own kind of fear—whatever it may be.

Just be fearless:
We all know that you only live once, so seizing every moment and great opportunity is extremely important. You don’t have to try to be the essence of fearless—it’s not something that just comes overnight, with you going from being terrified of heights to bungee jumping like a pro. You need to be realistic in your goals to become less afraid—make a list of things you want to accomplish this summer, and try to tackle each one. Remember, being fearless is inside each and every one of us, it’s not just for people who are super confident—everyone has their own insecurities, most just hide it well.
   So, whether you’re in a storm in your best dress or not, don’t let fear stop you from living your life. Instead take each and every opportunity by the horns, head first, fearless.

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  1. Awsome Article. Im deffinatly gunna try to be less nervous this summer :) your a good writer as well. Keep it up hun!

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