Emily’s Eight: Restaurants in New York City

New York City is one of my favorite places in the whole world.  The energy, the culture, the people—there isn’t one thing I don’t like about it.  Combining my favorite place with my favorite activity (eating), I decided to write about eight different restaurants in New York City.  These places may be chain restaurants or hidden gems, but they are certainly not to be missed.  Bon appetite! 

1.    Energy Kitchen, locations throughout Manhattan
Although this eatery is a little chain-y, one thing I really appreciate is the freshness of the food with a serious lack of calories.  Whenever I eat at Energy Kitchen, I always feel good afterwards.  My favorites are the BBQ Chicken Wrap and the Chicken Fajita Wrap.  The vegetarian chili is delightful too for all those vegetarians out there.  A perfect place to grab a bite without breaking the bank!

2.    Monster Sushi, 158 W 23rd St # 1
This is my go-to sushi restaurants when I got out with my friends.  The portions are large and I love everything I’ve tried.  The house salad is delicious and comes with a light carrot and ginger dressing.  My friends and I always ask for extra dressing because it is that good!  The rolls also have the best names: the Dinosaur roll, the Christmas Day roll, and the Love roll, to name a few. 

3.    Halal Cart, assorted locations in NYC
Since I’m not a New York native, I am a little bit of a foreigner to the food-truck culture and obsession.  But my-oh-my the Halal cart has changed my life.  Cheap, convenient, and filling, what better combination could you ask for?  I’ve had the chicken and the falafel over rich and both have been delicious.  For only $1 extra you can request for extra meat if you are exceedingly hungry that day.  I like my dishes topped with extra creamy “white” sauce and a dash of hot sauce.  Yummm. 

4.    2 Bros Pizza, 601 Avenue of the Americas # 1 (other locations as well)
Where else in New York can you get pizza for $1 a slice?  After going to this joint when one of my friends recommended it to me, I was hooked.  After buying your ridiculously cheap pizza, you can stand around these cute little tables and enjoy your slice.  You can never go wrong with bread, sauce, and cheese. 

5.    Nelson Blue, 36 Peck Slip # 1
My friends and I went to this cute little joint for brunch.  The waffles are heavenly and served with two large dollops of passion fruit whipped cream.  The atmosphere of Nelson Blue is really enjoyable.  It is located in the beautiful South Street Sea Port area.  The restaurant is open to the streets which is perfect for people watching, or sitting outside on a spring day.  During brunch time, they also have a killer Bloody Mary. 

6.    Thai Angel, 141 Grand St
This place is packed during the lunch hours, and it’s no secret why: the food is delicious for a price that is just right.  For under $10 (with a drink!) you can get Pad Thai or Panang Curry.  The Thai Iced Tea is also worth trying.  The portions are large and the wait staff is also so friendly when I go there.  If you work in the Soho area, this place is perfect for lunch! 

7.    Spring Street Natural Restaurant, 62 Spring Street
Celebrity chef Katie Lee once said: “To be truly comforted by your food you first need to know where it comes from and how it was raised.”  I think this amount of awareness to food is incredibly important.  Although many people can turn a blind eye to the issues revolving the agriculture and food industry, food politics have come to the forefront of American domestic politics.  My parents try to buy organic and natural whenever possible.  What I like about the Spring Street Natural Restaurant is that it serves only the best food with an understanding of where food comes from and how it affects human health.  I love the grilled chicken salad, grill chicken sandwich, and the seafood and vegetable stir fry.  The feel of the restaurant is homey and lovely with a little bit of luxe. 

8.    Caliente Cab, 488 3rd Avenue
Without doubt, this place is a great location to grab drinks from friends.  During the summer time they feature some delicious cold drinks.  Frozen sangria was only $4!  The atmosphere is young and the crowd is a great place to mingle and grab a bite to eat.  If Caliente is too busy, Blockheads Burritos is just across the street.


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