The Do-It-All Accessory: Boyfriend Watch

If you are running out of your apartment, dorm or house on a time crunch what one accessory would you grab? What would be your go-to item that would make you feel better about your look even on the days that you have less than 15 minutes to get ready? Maybe it’s a set of bangles or silver hoop earrings – whatever it is, it instantly perks up a simple, thrown together ensemble into something more “you.” Every girl has that accessory she wears more than any other. It is that favorite piece and most trusted for effortless wear.

My fave, without a doubt, is my gold band and black faced Michael Kors boyfriend watch. It is one simple yet bold piece that can take plain cardigan and jeans up a style notch. Some days I pair it with a gold chain bracelet, but on its own it has major style appeal. More importantly, I like the way it changes my look.

If you need a new item to spice up your everyday look, try a bold menswear-inspired watch that can fabulously make an outfit. The best part is that there are some chic styles out that are totally doable on a college budget.

These styles are great for throwing on any day of the week:

Asos - Accessorize Silver Bracelet Watch - $60.34

Forever 21 - Classic Watch - $17.80

Frock Candy - Rose Gold Menswear Watch - $24

By: Ashley Mancini | Images: Tumblr,,,

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  1. I love these styles of watches! I'm lusting after a michael kors one!

  2. Agreed! Looove these :) So chic and fun.


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