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It’s about halfway through summer vacation and if you’re anything like me, you find yourself anxious for something to fill your time. Your minimum wage job is starting to wear you down and you can’t quite handle too many more TV on DVD marathons. It’s true that summer vacation can be a great time to relax and rejuvenate, but there comes a point when too much relaxation can start to look a lot like boredom. What’s your easy solution? Pick up your paintbrush or sewing kit and fire up your creative juices with a few DIY summer crafts! Here are a few simple craft ideas to keep you occupied and to fight off inevitable summer laziness.

Tie-Dyed Towels
For a traditional look, use rubber bands to create a pattern for your towel and dip it into boxed dye. For a new look, try using simple fabric paint in spray bottles. Multiple colors will make your towel stand out at the beach or pool!

Fabric Letters
Looking for a cheap way to decorate your dorm or apartment walls this fall? Create your own fabric letters with cheap scraps and a little thread! Spell your name or inspiring words like hope, love or laugh and hang them from a rope as antique-inspired décor. Take two pieces of fabric (cut in the same letter) and simply sew them together. You can add filling or magnets on the inside as an extra touch.

Homemade Headbands and Bows
If you are tired of paying for expensive hair accessories, pick up a few pieces of cheap fabric and make them from scratch! Buy a few art deco felt pieces or fun ribbon from a craft store and super glue them to clips or simple plastic headbands. For a fun, exotic look, attach a faux flower to an elastic band using a simple pin or braid a few pieces of fun colored elastic and knot at the end.

T-Shirt Quilt
Do you have tons of extra t-shirts from your early high school or college days that you don’t know what to do with? Turn them into a cozy blanket to liven up your bed or futon! For a basic 36” x 48” quilt, choose 12 t-shirts and cut each up the sides, separating the front from the back. Cut 12 x 12 inch squares from each shirt, lay them out and arrange them into columns. After you sew the t-shirt columns together, sew the pattern onto your desired backing fabric.

Trust your artistic instincts and try creating these handmade treasures that will keep you entertained this summer and can travel with you to school in the fall! Always remember, art projects are all about what you make them- there are no right or wrong answers. Don’t be afraid to let your mind wander and your feelings and emotions take over. Happy crafting!

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