The Weekender: Get Your Yoga On

Spice up your weekend with our favorite reads this week!

Sick of the treadmill? Get started with some soothing and invigorating yoga classes

Wow your friends and family by preparing this salty-sweet, fruity summer dessert. 

Move over, little black dress! Bring out the whites this summer.

Who holds the power in your relationship? Or should it be a partnership? 

Budget yourself on the dreaded unpaid internship "salary."

Read about how one college student survived the Tuscaloosa AND Joplin tornadoes

Interning this summer? The intern's guide to big cities.

Rock a sweet, yet edgy, summer style by channeling abroad trends. 

Catch up on Hollywood's latest juicy gossip from this eventful week. 

The New York Times is getting its first female editor, get it, Jill Abramson! 

By: Renee Mailhiot | Image: Source

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