Career: Summer Opportunities Still Up for Grabs

Summer has officially started! Fortunately for those of you who left it to the last moment, there are still some fun summer jobs and internships left on the market.  

Summer counselor for a study abroad program

Even if you've been on campus during the summer, you may not realize that there may be private summer study abroad programs going on right on your campus. Students from all over the world study abroad in America, and oftentimes the programs hire counselors and tour guides throughout the summer. It's a great way to spend your summer on campus and meeting international students from all over the world. Check your local area for summer programs that teach English, scour Craiglist, and check up on some ESL summer program websites. 

Jack Wills, a clothing company, is still looking for college students to take on a six week internship that pays a whopping $20,000.00 in scholarship money. The chosen interns, called "Seasonnaires," will be living and working in Nantucket in the Jack Wills house from July 1 to August 13, traveling to Jack Wills stores in Martha's Vineyard, Newport and Southampton, and representing the brand along the way. Check this video for details on how to apply.

Online internships
Many companies are still looking for online interns, especially those interested in marketing or social media. Taking on an online internship means you can work from the comfort of your bedroom, take lunch anytime and chill on your bed on the job. Check out sites like Youternand Intern Queen to see what kind of internships are out there. 

Start a business

If you've been thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, a summer without responsibilities is the prime time to start your very own business.  Whether you're interested in creating an iPhone app or want to design and sell jewelry on Etsy, take this time to perfect your craft, create a business plan and set it up! 

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  1. It's true - despite "common wisdom" summer internships are still available throughout the summer. In fact, where it used to be that the majority of internships were only available in summer, as more companies have realized the benefits of interns, internships are now available year round... Summer, Fall, Spring... in varying lengths.

    "Virtual internships" are a more recent addition to the internship roles... where one can work from anywhere, and still gain the same great experience as an in-office internship. You don't even have to be in the same city as the company, or even the same country!


    David Ellis
    Director of User Experience / Content Manager

  2. Thanks for your advice, Dave! We love virtual internships (and YouTern!)


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