The Balancing Act: Your Friends and Your New Guy

With the last of college students still in school finishing up finals this week, summer is in full force. This might just be the season to meet a new guy. However, you all know (or have been) that one girl who disappears off the face of the earth when she has a new boyfriend. She goes from being one of the people you regularly hang out with to someone you can't even reach. Don't be that girl!

Being smitten with a new boy is an awesome feeling, but it doesn't mean you should ditch your friends to hang out with your boy 24/7.

Set aside time to hang out with friends regularly
We get it, cuddling with your boyfriend is probably more exciting than having lunch with your friends at this point. But while your friends should be happy for your new relationship, you can't expect them to hang around forever if you're constantly flaking or disappearing on them. Plan a girls night out with no boys allowed, and don't just use it to gush about your new relationship. Take an interest in their lives, or you'll find that your friends will grow bored of your boy talk.

Don't ditch your room for your guy's room (or vice versa)
It may be tempting to stay over at your guy's room for days at a time, but this may sour your relationship with your roommates. If you're never there to hang out with them anymore, you can't be angry when you realize they've been having fun without you. Bringing home your boyfriend every night can also become incredibly annoying; your roommate needs her privacy without some guy always hanging around. After all, she's not the one dating him.

Keep up with your clubs, organizations, and other responsibilities
As tempting as it may be, don't start skipping sorority events or club meetings for cuddling and Friends re-runs with the boyfriend. This also goes for family events, gym classes you take, internships and summer events! If you keep missing out, people will eventually assume you're not reliable. Making sure you have a life outside of your guy is also healthy for your relationship, even if all you want to do in the beginning is spend time with him.

Be aware of PDA
It's fine to bring your boyfriend to group hangouts, but keep the PDA to a minimum. Trust me, your friends do not want to see you guys all over each other. Excessive PDA can be very awkward, so keep the making out to your private time.

New significant others are exciting, but don't forget the support group who has been behind you for all of your college career, single or otherwise: your friends!

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