Foodie: How to Make Fresh, Healthy Guac

You know what I love during the summer? Chips and dip. Unfortunately, many cheese and sour cream based dips are full of calories and fat. Skip the eight layer dip and try some fresh guacamole! 

Not only is guacamole a great tasting topping to your salty summer treats (I'm thinking chips, tacos, and crackers), but it's also a great source of nutrition when made fresh. Avocados are full of vitamins and minerals and the other ingredients are also full of nutrients, so you can enjoy this ridiculously easy recipe without any guilt:

What you need:

♥ 2 avocados
♥ 1/4 onion, chopped
♥ 1/2 tomato, chopped
♥ 2 wedges of lime (about half a lime)
♥ Pinch of salt

What to do:

1. Peel the avocados, take out the pit, then mash the avocados in a bowl.

2. Chop up the onion and tomato, then add them to the mashed avocados and mix together.

3. Squeeze your lime wedges into the bowl, add a dash of salt, and you're good to go!

Add more or less lime, salt, onions, and tomatoes depending on how you want to flavor it. If you make more than you can eat in one go, stick the pit of the avocado back into the guacamole and refrigerate. The pit will keep the guacamole from turning brown.

It's so easy it's kind of ridiculous, am I right? Enjoy!

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