Ask Glossie: Get Out of a Dating Funk!

Have you falling into a dating rut? Sure, the staple combo of dinner and a movie is classic but after awhile it starts to loose its spark. So take a cue from the steamy weather and make your dating life sizzle!

Here is a list of 10 date ideas that are sure to be fun yet romantic!

  • Nighttime Picnic- What’s more romantic than feeding each other under a blanket of stars!
  • Horseback riding- Embrace your inner romantic novel characters and turn a cheesy date into a fun filled adventure!

  • Wine/brewery tasting- Seclusion and alcohol equals only one thing= lots of romance!
  • Drive-in- A spin on the standard movie date, but this way you get to have a cozy intimate setting!
  • Salsa dancing- Turn up the heat and awakening your sensual side by sashaying across the dance floor!
  • Bed and Breakfast- Escape from reality and slip into couple’s bliss by hitting up a local b&b. Enjoy couple’s massages, sitting by the fire, and a midnight dip in the jacuzzi!
  • Sailing- Loose yourself in each other’s arm as you sail off into the sunset!
  • Arboretum/Rose Garden- Let all of your worries disappear as the two of you stroll through this serene sanctuary.
  • Recreate your first date- Remember the butterflies? Travel back into time and relive those first electric moments by going on your very first date again!
  • Hot air balloon ride- Live like royalty by soaring through the air, looking at breathtaking scenery, and drinking champagne together!

Images via the: Posh Review, Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, Dancing Works, and Four Front.

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