5 Outfits Your Guy Will Love

I have often heard that women dress for other women, but I never believed this until Redbook Magazine conducted a focus group and found out what men really liked. So, if you want to peak your guy’s interest, slip into one of these five guy approved ensembles!

Outfit #: 1 Oversized tee and yoga pant!
Guys go wild for this comfortable yet sexy look!

Outfit # 2: Classic Dress
Guys are confused and distracted when your dress looks like it needs an instruction manual to get in and out of it! Put away your heavily embellished backless dresses and go for a classic LBD! LBD’s ooze confidence and nothing is sexier than that.

Outfit # 3: White tank and jeans
If there is one-thing guys adore when it comes to women’s fashion its simplicity. This combo is a permanent fixture in men approved looks because it’s eye catching with out trying to hard!

Outfit # 4: Pencil Skirt with heels
I have to believe this comes from the fantasy of the hot librarian, but hey I love pencil skirts, so I will let it slide!

Outfit # 5: Matching Lingerie
You can throw out the saying "it’s too matchy-matchy!"

By: Jaclyn Smock | Source: REDBOOK | Images: Victoria Secret, Zimbio & People

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