Easy Ways to Get Fit For Summer

Sunny days are starting to become a regular occurrence and while I'm rejoicing inside, I also feel a twinge of anxiety. On campus, everyone is bringing out the denim shorts, off the shoulder tees and spring dresses, which is making me realize one thing: I'm not fit! I spent all winter drinking hot chocolate, chowing down on pizza and hibernating in my room.

I'm sure quite a few college women had that revelation at the same time as I did, because now the gym is full and it's almost impossible to score an elliptical or treadmill. Getting fit, however, doesn't require gym machines or intense diets. Here are five easy ways to get fit this spring:

Stretch during study breaks
If you're studying for long periods of time (or on Facebook for hours), take a study break at least every hour. Stand up and do some basic stretches or try out a few yoga poses. Want to go for some cardio? Jump rope or run in place for five minutes straight. Taking five minutes every hour to stretch not only burns calories, but it will allow you to refocus on your work with more energy.

Stock up on fruits and veggies
Next time you're at the grocery store, make sure to stock up on some fruits and vegetables. Once you have them in your fridge, make an effort to not let them go to waste. Munch on some strawberries or apple slices when you're craving a snack. Need a sugar kick? Add some Nutella or peanut butter.

Walk to class and take the stairs
Walking to class is probably your easiest way to burn off some calories. Once you get there, avoid the elevator and take the stairs. If you're not feeling up to taking five flights of stairs up, at least take them on your way down.

Get your dance on
Whether you have a private, one person dance party in your dorm room or go out clubbing with your girls, try dancing to burn those calories! Put on your favorite jam and whip out those dance moves.

Take a class at your gym
Check out your gym class schedule to see if they offer any sports or dance classes and learn something new while getting fit! Who knows, maybe your new activity will become a life long hobby.

Time to shed those winter layers. Bring it on, summer!

By: CG Staff

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