La Petite Fashionista, Fashion Blogger & College Student

By Stephany Fan
You may know her online as fashion blogger La Petite Fashionista, but she's also a college senior at FSU.  We caught up with Lauren on fashion blogging, personal style, and what the future holds for her.

Tell us the story behind La Petite Fashionista:
I started La Petite Fashionista back in March 2007, while I was still a senior in high school. I grew up in a small coastal town in Florida and always loved fashion. I volunteered at a thrift store and would always find the craziest vintage treasures and wear them like no one’s business. Thankfully instead of making fun of me, everyone totally supported my unique style. At the time there weren’t many fashion blogs oriented towards teens or young adults. My goal was to make La Petite Fashionista a blog that made fashion accessible to everyone and made trends wearable and easy to understand! I gained a great network of fellow bloggers that helped me build it over the years.

Describe your personal style at the moment:
As an almost-graduate I’ve seen my style growing up a lot. Lately I’ve been really into the types of looks that fashion mastermind and Creative Director at J.Crew, Jenna Lyons creates.  I like the idea of giving classic wardrobe pieces a fun spin with unusual colors (like chartreuse or teal), loads of statement accessories, and trendy pieces added into the mix.

What are you favorite go-to pair of shoes?
I have a slight obsession with cowboy boots! I have literally about 6 pairs (pink, brown, red,black, ankle.. you name it!) that I’ve collected over the years. It’s probably the southern girl in me. They’ve come in and out of trendiness, but I’ve always adored them with anything from sundresses to skinny jeans!

If you were only able to wear a white tee and jeans, how would you accessorize?
One of my signature styles is a wrist full of mixed and matched bracelets. I especially have an affinity for turquoise jewelry! I’d also add a pair of high heels, because I’m so tiny; only 5 feet tall! I’m rarely seen without them!

You're a graduating senior this year.  What are your future plans, both in life and for La Petite Fashionista?

I actually just was hired for a buyer-in-training position with a company at the corporate headquarters for a retailer I interned with over summer. I’m moving to Wisconsin in March, and can’t wait to start the career I always dreamed about in the fashion industry! I plan on keeping up with La Petite Fashionista and writing about my adventures in moving to the Midwest  and starting out working in fashion.

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