Dorm Decor: Make the Most of a Small Space

By: Anuli Akanegbu
One of the hardest aspects of living in a college dorm is adjusting to the size of the room. You might have to make some compromises when decorating for a smaller room, but think of it as an opportunity to get creative. Make the most of the small space:

Double Duty Storage
Invest in space saving furniture. Try an ottoman that doubles as a filing bin, or a television table with storage compartments. This way, you'll both get to store untidy books and papers out of the way while keeping your room furnished and clean.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mirrors help reflect light to make a room look larger, and add a decorative touch to any bare wall. Plus, extra mirrors are definitely useful if you need to touch up and your roommate is hogging up the bathroom. Try hanging up a long mirror on a wall horizontally or search for a mirror with decorative edges.

Keep it Minimal
A small room can look even smaller if you have too many things cluttering up the space. Keep it simple by getting rid of unnecessary items. Throw away last semester's notes, sell back your old textbooks, and donate any old clothes you don't wear anymore. Keep it looking clean by keeping small trinkets and random tidbits in shoeboxes or storage bins.

Open Up Your Space
Try to keep your room as open as possible so that it will look larger. Don't place any furniture in the middle of a walkway, keep chairs tucked in and resist turning your room into a maze.

Splash Some Color
Avoid dark colors, which can make the room look smaller. Instead try to incorporate either light shades or bright colors. Add some colorful touches with fresh flowers or spring-inspired prints on your bedspread or curtains.

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