Why You Should Love Breakfast + 5 Meals in 5 Minutes

By Amber Mulle
Ever have trouble staying awake in that 8 a.m. class this semester? After hitting the snooze button a few too many times, I usually barely have time to put on whatever clothes I deem decent and head out the door.

College students and breakfast are like shoes on the wrong feet - they rarely fit together. But remember the old phrase your mom told you before leaving home without a bite to eat? Well, I hate to say this, but your mom was right: breakfast really is important, and no, coffee doesn't count.

Eating breakfast can help improve memory, attention and cognitive abilities (hint: these could really help on your upcoming exams). Furthermore, studies have shown eating breakfast can help with losing weight, reducing diabetes risk and jump-starting your metabolism.

Whole grain toast with Nutella spread and fresh fruit
Take a pass on the chocolate donut. If you don’t know what Nutella is, it’s a delicious hazelnut-chocolate spread that you can easily find at your local grocery store.  Pop whole grain bread in the toaster, spread on a spoonful of Nutella and grab an apple or orange on your way out. If you’re in the mood for crepes, add sliced strawberries and/or bananas onto your Nutella spread.

Hard boiled eggs, graham crackers and apples
If you want an extra protein boost in the morning, here’s the plan: boil your egg the night before and pack it into a sandwich bag. Pack a bag of graham crackers and add an apple to the stash. It’s easy grab-and-go breakfast if you’re running late to class. 

Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials
Do you love chocolate milk?  This healthy, quick breakfast provides you with 21 essential vitamins and minerals.  All you need is milk and this Carnation powder packet. The drink comes in five flavors: Rich Milk Chocolate, Classic French Vanilla, Classic Chocolate Milk, Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Sensation. It’s the perfect substitute for that morning coffee. Feel energized before your morning lecture!

Instant oatmeal with fruit
Unlike regular oatmeal, you don’t need to boil water and you don’t need a measuring cup. With microwavable oatmeal cups, just add water and you’ll be ready for your morning class. Throw in some strawberries and sliced bananas for an extra boost of nutrients.

Mix up your bagel and cream cheese
Spice up your bagel and cream cheese by adding other foods to it. For healthier bagels, stick with adding blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers or tomatoes to your cream cheese. Want a more hearty breakfast? Stick in slices of hard-boiled eggs or a sausage patty for some extra protein.

What’s your favorite go-to breakfast?

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