Make the Most of Your Spring Break

By Stephany Fan
Not able to get away to somewhere warm and sunny this spring break? You could complain about the fact that you won't be soaking in the sun on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, or you could make the most of your break with a little productivity and a lot of fun.

Get some R&R
You've probably just been slammed with midterms (or finals, for those of you on the quarter system.) It's time to get your sleep on and recuperate so you feel rested and ready not only for school, but also for some spring break fun.

Eat your way to the tropics
With a little more time on your plate, it's a great time to consciously get some vitamins with some fruit from the tropics! Use a blender to make some delicious smoothies to sip poolside, melt chocolate to make some chocolate-covered strawberries or pineapple, or try mixing up some natural pina coladas or daquiris.

Plan your summer
Whether you're planning on traveling abroad or simply working in your hometown, spring break is a great time to plan for your summer. If you're still looking for an internship or job, dedicate some time to sprucing up your resume, researching job/internship openings, and applying with an awesome cover letter. If you're planning a summer trip, spring break is the time to ask your friends if they're interested, research trip companies, hotels, and airfare, and start planning your itinerary. Summer, here we come!

Catch up with long-lost friends
One of the best parts of spring break is spending some quality friend time. Whether you'll be out out flirting with cute boys or simply catching up on your couch to the tune of Friends re-runs (or Jersey Shore), use your spring break to capture memories with your best buds.

Do as you would on a vacation
Spend some time relaxing as you would on a real vacation. If you're stuck somewhere cold, many colleges and communities have indoor pools and hot tubs; grab your bikinis, your girls, and score some swim time. Get your nails done, or better yet, grab some friends and catch up as you do each others. Finally, find some time to do the things you wish you had time for in college: reading for fun, playing sports, spending time with family, or just vegging out in front of your TV.

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