Valentine's Day Dates You'll Both Enjoy

Let’s face it ladies, Valentine’s Day is often all about us.  Guys are pressured to wow us with an incredible date, and sometimes they're at a loss for what to do.

This year, surprise your valentine by taking him on a date that he’ll enjoy with you, especially if he's usually the one who makes plans. After all, isn't Valentine's Day about just being together?

1. Beer Tasting
Put down the vodka-sodas for one evening and indulge yourself in some brewskies. Log on to and search beer tasting to find a bar near you that has a wide variety of beer. Sit at the bar, order some wings and nachos and sample beer with your man. And trust us, the dim lighting of a bar can be oddly romantic.

2. Cook a Meal Together…
Scrap your reservation plans and stay in. To make the occasion more special, crack open a bottle of champagne to sip and keep the lighting dim. Figure out what his favorite meal is and put your own twist on it. After you’re done cooking, skip the kitchen table and set up a picnic on the floor of your living room.

3. …Or Switch Up Your Cuisine
If you have your heart set on dinner out, pick a type of food that both of you havenever had but are interested in trying. Don’t rest on the tame Italian or Chinese; try Moroccan, Indian, Ethiopian or Cuban. Once you get to the restaurant, order a few smaller plates and sample the exotic fare. Who knows, you may find out you have a new favorite dish!

4. Comedy Club
This is a tried-and-true date that both men and women love. It’s a great way to share some drinks and some light food and laughs. Pick a table by the front of the stage so you have more of an interaction with the comedian.

At the end of the day, just remember that Valentine’s Day is about the time that you spend with one another. Whatever you do, go in with a positive attitude and just enjoy the ride.

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