DIY Kimono Cardigan (Made From a Scarf)

With the weather getting a little cooler, kimonos are the perfect light weight cover for the end of summer. Instead of going out to buy one, you can make one yourself! 

All you need for this project is a large rectangular scarf, scissors, and a needle and thread. This DIY project cost me just $4 (plus tax) for floral scarf. I had scissors, needle, and thread already.

Step 1

Fold the scarf in half and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2

Measure up from the bottom of the scarf about 10 inches on both sides. Mark each side with a piece of tape. Then measure about 8-10 inches inside of the original mark. mark that spot with tape as well. This will be the line you will need to sew. Sew along this line in a thread color that matches your scarf.

Step 3
Cut one side (important: only cut one side of the fold) of the folded scarf to the top. This will be the front opening of the cardigan. If you're having trouble with instructions, you can also watch a similar tutorial here.

Step 4

Try your new kimono cardigan on! Open up the cut and put your arms through the two "sleeves". If you want your sewed lines to be invisible, flip the kimono inside out.

Now, go rock back to college in style. 

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