3 Outfits for Late Night Library Sessions

With finals right around the corner, nighttime library runs are more common than not. Late night studying is the worst, but you never know, you could run into a cute study buddy. Try these three outfits to be cute and stay comfortable while at the library.

Too Chic for School

You can’t go wrong with a chic sweater and a pair of dark skinny jeans. Keep warm while studying with this gold-collared Chanel sweater and Burberry jeans. Pair it with gold flats and a stylish, convenient bag. This Michael Kors satchel will keep you looking chic but can easily contain all the studying materials you will need.

The Brainy Basics

Want to be a little more comfortable but still stylish? Try sticking to the basics. Leggings and an oversized sweater with riding boots is a classic library look. Add an adorable backpack to carry all of your school needs. Now you can stay cute and be cozy.

Laid back Library Look

Is it getting way too late, and there is no way you have time to put effort into your outfit? Don’t worry, the sporty look is laid back and classic. Throw on some yoga pants and a jacket for the ultimate laid back library look. Carry this Victoria’s Secret gym bag to hold all of your essentials, and you’re guaranteed a successful night of studying at the library.

Whether you are camping out at the library all night or just making a quick stop, with these three outfits, you can’t go wrong. Study on, fashionistas!

By: Alexandra Abboud | Image: Source

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