Top 5 Best Classic Makeup Combinations

Because there are so many brands, colors, designs and types to choose from, experimenting with new makeup combinations can be one of the best parts of being a girl. Still, in the end, there are a few classic and faithful combinations that I return to. Here are some of my favorite makeup combinations:

Timeless Smokey Eyes with Nude Lips
The smokey eye with nude lips combination complements almost any outfit and works well for a big night out. Because dark, smokey shadow is a strong statement, pairing it with nude lipstick instead of a bright lip will help to keep the focus on your gorgeous eyes.

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Black Eyeliner with Bright Red Lips

The classic black eyeliner and red lipstick combination is a go-to makeup look and for good reason; the sultry look radiates elegance. If you feel more daring, wing out eyeliner to make a cateye. For additional flair, wear this combination with a leopard print, white or black dress to make your lips pop.

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Baby Doll Lashes with Berry Lips

Nothing says bombshell quite like killer lashes! In order to get DIY falsies, apply baby powder in between coats of mascara, or curl your lashes both before and after mascara application. By adding a berry lip, the look transforms into a sophisticated, mature look that stills brings drama.

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Light Purple Shadow with Pale Pink Lips

This subtle combination is great for a girls day out or a trip to the mall. The focus is on the eyes, yet the gloss will complement rather than contrast. Adjust the shade of the shadow based on your skin tone. If you have lighter skin, go for a more pastel shade. If you have olive or dark skin, opt for a deeper pigment color.

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Bold, Aquamarine Eyeshadow with Coral Lips

Steal the resort look by creating an island glow, accented with bold color. Start by using a shimmery aquamarine shadow for lids that glisten like the ocean. Add a shiny coral gloss to complete your exotic paradise pucker. For a faux tan, swipe bronzer on your cheekbones, forehead, chin, neck and sides of the nose.

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Whichever look you try, know that even though it’s fun to experiment with different shades and textures, there are a few classic looks that will never fail.

By: Jen Morgan | Image: Source1, Source2

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