Keeping Active in Autumn

The cool breezes of the fall are here, making mornings a little crisper and nights better suited for snuggling. It’s time to adjust activities to find the right balance between hanging onto the heat and accepting autumn.

Hot Yoga
Although it’s no longer summer, it always feels like summer in a hot yoga studio, so be sure to attend this class with the bare minimum, as far as clothing goes (sports bra and shorts). If you’re new to the class, try a beginners course to ensure that you don’t over exhaust your body.

(For more on hot yoga see An Insider's Guide to Hot Yoga.)

Pole Fitness
This is a fun class to try with a group of friends. Whether it’s for fun or to be more flirty with your guy, this activity will create tons of laughter and memories. Grab a pair of cute pumps out of the closet and get going.

Horseback Riding
With the leaves changing colors, and the frost that settles on them, hopping on a horse may be all it takes to feel like you’re living in a fairytale. Instead of going to a local Go-Cart track, slow things down riding horseback.

Paint Balling
If you’re looking for some action-packed fun, get the girls together and take a cue from guys day out, and go paint balling. Dressing in layers for this activity fits perfectly with the cooler air, and you’ll get a good workout.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t let the return of fall keep you in a state of hibernation until next summer. Stay active by trying out some new activities. Also, remember to check out Groupon for local deals on all of these activities.

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