Rock Retro: How to Wear High-Waisted Shorts

For the past year or so, retro high-waisted shorts and jeans have reemerged as a chic, cheap summer style. This style originated in the 1940s when women were forced to work due to the war; they became popularized in the ‘50s and were actually a fashion choice that came with the popularity of capris, jeans and shorts. The high-waisted style had a rebirth in the ‘80s and remained a trend through the ‘90s. College Gloss is going to show Glossers how to make and wear these trendy blasts from the past.

To make a basic pair of high-waisted jean shorts, grab a pair of scissors. If there will be bedazzling involved, of course there will be more supplies needed.

Step 1: Thrift for an old pair of “mom” jeans that are still in reasonably good condition.

Step 2: Try the jeans on for size; decide how short to go and mark the spot.

Step 3: Once the jeans are off, begin cutting one leg (for a cute, feminine cut, snip at a diagonal); after this leg is complete, fold the jeans over and use the cut leg as a guide for the next cut.

That’s all there is to making them, and it’ll save money on the escalated prices stores are charging for this style. For a more chic look, check out this youtube video. It will show DIY’ers how to ombre and add jewels to the look.

Here are some tips courtesy of The Celebrity Cafe:

  • Keep it simple
  • Cropped knits and tees look amazing with high-waisted shorts
  • The two B’s will work with this look: Blouses and Button-Downs
  • Add a narrow belt to accompany your outfit

For ideas on how to wear this style, look to the past generations. Classic television shows, such as "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," provide inspiration with actress Nia Long and model Tyra Banks wearing the style flawlessly. Nia Long puts more of a feminine touch to the style, while Tyra Banks brings a tomboy look wearing her high-waisted pants with an open button down shirt layered over a turtleneck crop top. But don’t forget to add a personal touch to the look, like with this statement bracelet.

By: Kiarra Sylvester | Images: 1, 2, 3 

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