Fashion and Philanthropy: College Girls Inc. Fashion Line Released

Another bout of fashion fever has hit the collegiate scene with the creation of the College Girls line, a fun line of vibrant and colorful apparel, designed by Montierra Straughter. She’s a 20-year old, 5-year MBA major of Los Angeles, Calif., with passion for fashion that began sketching designs at age nine. She launched her first line, #CollegeGirls Apparel during her sophomore year at Hampton University. After the successful launch, in Montierra’s mind, the possibilities were limitless, and plans for the future of the brand ran rampant. The philanthropic sister company parallels the line. College Girls Inc. encourages young women to further their education in all aspects -- from fitness to successfully completing undergrad studies. CG can’t help but admire this philanthropic fashionista.

Keep reading for more on our interview with designer and CEO Montierra Straughter.

Who are some of your fashion icons?

Montierra: My fashion icons really vary from time to time. I absolutely love Angela Simmons’ style. Her style is immaculate and gracefully splendid. Rhianna is definitely another fashionista I enjoy keeping tabs on. Beyonce just does it for me though! She kills the scene with something new every time! I think I’m beginning to gravitate towards Iggy Azeala as well.

Ultimately, the college fashionista admits that regardless of her icons, she tends to dress based on how she’s feeling when she hops out of bed.

I do everything “the Montiera way!” The fun thing about fashion is there are no rules [except] to have style. Style is essential to an individual because it defines who you are and makes other people notice you. Everything from the style of your hair, to the tempo of your walk is signature.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Montierra: My vision is so large that I don’t think my work will ever be finished; [however] in five years I see myself as a mogul -- owning multiple businesses, becoming a philanthropist and someone other girls look up to, with College Girls Apparel & College Girls Inc. being top hitters in America, expanding to other countries, providing scholarships, TV networks, salons, boutiques and much more. Overall, leaving my footprints in society in a positive light. I just want to love what I do for the rest of my life, and I think this is it!

What advice do you have for other girls trying to start a business?

Montierra: The advice that I would give to a college student looking to start their own business, would be to just start! Many people always speak of their ideas but never actually execute them. Some have fear and doubt, trying to prevent from failing, but every entrepreneur will fail at some point! It’s not about failing -- it’s about learning where you made a mistake, fixing it and never making that same mistake again. I also encourage new business owners to keep an open mind and listen to their consumer’s request. Listening gives them the opportunity to see what people want and decide whether the requests will be beneficial to the company or not. New ideas should always be heard and considered. It also gives the consumers a great feeling to know that their opinion is important to the business.

CG asked for the whole scoop on what’s in store from Montierra’s lines, and she delivered a taste. 

  • College Girls Inc. will be making their seminars accessible to the world via Youtube soon. They will host mini seminars to get conversation started amongst college girls all over that will be geared toward personal and professional subject matters. They want the discussion to be guided by the subscribers, so be looking out for the upcoming Youtube channel to submit a topic.
  • The fall line of #CollegeGirls Apparel will feature new items and even some of the fan favs will return with a “trendy twist,” as Montierra puts it.
  • There’s an online boutique in the works, but the opening date is currently under wraps. Montierra admits that her inner perfectionist won’t allow her to launch the boutique until she’s sure it’s at its best, ensuring an easy and enjoyable experience for customers.

For girls on the go, #CollegeGirls Apparel provides both style and comfort. It’s safe to say, Montierra has brought new meaning to what it is to be a fashionable student. So ladies, be on the look out for additions to the College Girls brand, and if you haven’t peeked at #CollegeGirls Apparel, be sure to check it out at

By: Kiarra Sylvester | Image: Source

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