5 Fitness Apps to Inspire Your Next Workout

If you have ever been guilty of reneging on fitness resolutions at some point, only to find that when summer arrives, because those goals are long gone, that “winter body” hasn’t gone anywhere, don’t lose hope. Although summer is already here, it’s never too late to complete some goals. Start with earning that bikini-ready bod. These apps can help inspire you to push a little harder or try something new.

1. Charity Miles is an app that tracks distance and time, allowing users to raise money for charities for every mile biked, ran or walked. Charities include, Feeding America, Stand Up to Cancer, RED and their most recent partnership with She’s the First. This will give a greater meaning to each workout, perhaps giving more of an incentive to do it more often.

2. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal helps keep track of weight gain and loss, along with the caloric intake of all foods documented throughout the day. If calorie counting is a preference, this app will make it simple!

3. Endomondo is a fitness app that helps tracks distance, duration, speed and calories for any distance-based activity. Let’s not forget the best part, Endomondo allows friends and other users to provide live audio feedback; a little encouragement can go a long way with workouts!

4. GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer is a virtual personal trainer that builds a custom, 4-week workout plan based on the information provided. The trainer even encourages users to keep moving with audio cues.  It gives the option to focus workouts on what the user desires to gain the most, such as building muscle or burning fat. It also gives can help you target a specific area. Each workout comes with detailed descriptions and play-by-plays, making the app easy to use.

5. Zombies, Run! For more of an adrenaline rush, try this quirky running app that has Zombie butt-kicking missions for users to take on. This game-like app directs users to find supplies in order to rebuild civilization. This app helps propel runners to move faster by simulating the pressures of saving innocent people from a zombie apocalypse. It also allows users to create a customized playlist, and the storyline builds in between tracks through radio message updates and voice recordings.

Every now and then getting fit just isn’t motivation enough to do just that. So it’s important to get creative when possible, that way there’s no possibility of a dull workout -- change it up! These apps will not only have a physique fit for a goddess, but they will also help build a healthy, encouraging mindset.

By: Kiarra Slyvester

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