10 Beauty Rules To Break This Summer

As college goddesses, we try so hard to keep it together! We’re intelligent, determined, independent, self-sufficient, professional and polished ... well the list goes on and it doesn’t stop there! With many obligations, we must remind ourselves that our appearance is a reflection of who we are, not a limitation.

Looking and being perfect isn’t so fun after all. Let your hair down and break these beauty rules this summer! This is the perfect time to do it.

1. Never wear false eyelashes during the day.
Ehh, whoever said that false lashes should be a luxury for the nightlife was incredibly pretentious. Sure summertime is the time when we usually wear less makeup for the fear off it literally melting off, but lashes are a great addition for that flair you missed from those cold winter days.

2. Eating chocolate will cause a zit war.
This is one of the biggest beauty myths recycled by our grandmothers, to old beauty textbooks. We know that acne prone skin produces more sebum during the warmer days, resulting in breakouts, but dark chocolate is known for its amazing antioxidant qualities! Go for it, school’s out, and you’ll burn those extra calories swimming, running, playing volleyball, biking, hiking, etc. “Clinical studies have failed to show that any food can actually cause acne (though in some rare instances, various foods might exacerbate existing acne)” says Woman’s Day. “‘Any correlation between chocolate and breakouts is limited,’ Dr. Hirsch says. Eating a well-balanced diet, which includes the occasional chocolate treat, is the way to look and feel your best.”

3. Matching mani and pedi.
Now this is one of the most boring rules we have EVER come across! If you can’t decide between two colors, apply both! There is no fuss here, have fun. Summertime is the perfect time to break this rule, all the bright colors really bring out your tan.

4. Ponytails are a lazy girl’s hairstyle.
SO FALSE! Ladies with long hair, many of us feel your pain, when the temperature hits the 90s, it’s difficult to keep cool with our long locks weighing us down. Sleek up your mane with a ponytail, thus giving you a super chic look even on hot summer, bad hair days.

5. Wash your hair everyday.
Should we say this again? Second day hair is a far more manageable and holds styles easier than squeaky, clean strands. Since frizzy hair is a result of dryness, you may find that second day hair doesn’t frizz as much as clean strands because the natural oils from your scalp are providing enough lubrication to prevent this from hair phenomenon.

6. Always wear black mascara.
We always hear it, opt for the blackest black mascara you can find. It may make our eyes pop, but during those beach beauty days, we want to rock the most au naturale look we can, that means beach waves, bronzed cheeks, and natural eyes. Opt for a brown mascara instead, which will give definition to your eyes, and won’t look too harsh in the heat.

7. Can’t wear bronzer if you’re already tan.
OMG, this is just one of those liferuiner rules we have ever heard! “Like, oh my god mom, why are you ruining my life life?” That’s exactly how we feel! Let’s get this straight, bronzer is every girl’s go to product during the summer. Even a tan can make your skin look dull, and a little bit of bronzer goes a long way.

8. Dark roots look tacky.
If you have been a living, breathing human being for the last two years, you know ombre is here to stay. Take these summer months for a little bit of hair rehab, don’t rush to the salon for a touch up!

9. Frizzy hair looks messy.
Not really! The trick here is your styling method! Work with mother nature’s summer heat, rather than against it. A low chignon with a few wispy strands, which frame your gorgeous face, is incredibly adorable and summer appropriate.

10. Apply foundation all over the face.
If you are a foundation lover, and a tinted moisturizers and BB creams just don’t cut it out for you, keep your foundation routine in tact this summer. The trick here is to apply it in the center of your face, which is usually the area which needs the most coverage, and blend seamlessly to the out edges.

There you go, girlies! You don’t have to break every beauty rule on this list, but trying one doesn’t hurt.

By: Ivanna Coello | Image: Source

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  1. thanks for the tips! i def want to try brown mascara this summer :))

  2. Thank you so much for this, especially the note about the bronzer. As a brown woman, I'm always afraid of that bronzer will make my complexion look 'baked' but I think I'll do more research and find the right one for me. Ivanna, your articles ar a god send!


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