How to Rock Second Day Hair

We know some of you ladies have a habit of washing your hair everyday for squeaky clean strands, as opposed to sporting a little texture on that inevitable second day, post blowout. We are not here to judge you but merely to enlighten you and tell you exactly why second day hair is equally stunning or even better than freshly-washed tresses!

Trust us, we are not going rogue on you guys. For you ladies with finer to medium strands, your main style hair concern is a flat do and greasy hair that sticks to your gorgeous face! Eh, we hate it too!

Maintenance is Key

The first commandment you must follow is to STOP WASHING YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY! By washing your hair daily, you are drying out your scalp out, thus sending signals to produce more oil. Start off slow, wash your hair every other day, then decrease it to your desired amount. Find what works for your scheduled and lovely locks. We recommend that you wash your hair every 2 to 3 days.

To maintain beautiful second day hair, reach for a clarifying shampoo monthly. Now this will be a trial and error process. You must find one which doesn’t dry out your ends or your scalp. Sucks to hear, but once you find your match, your styling routine will drastically improve. For you girlies with color treated hair, here’s where it gets a little tricky: you can’t just use any clarifying shampoo because the wrong pick may fade your color or make your blonde locks brassy and yellow. Opt for a clarifying shampoo tailored for colored treated.

One of our favorite hair care quotes comes from Emmy award winning stylist Curt Darling who parallels washing your hair to washing your favorite item in your wardrobe: “If you washed your favorite shirt everyday, its color would fade and its texture would become threadbare. The fabric of your hair is the same in that it gets worked out and dry from over cleansing,” he says. “The tone of your hair can also fade, causing your strands to look dull and drab,” says Pout Pretty.

Rock Your Waves

If you know the following days you will be in a time crunch due to deadlines and exams, our first tip is to rock wavy or curly strands. Embrace your natural curls! Since wavy hair doesn’t stick to the scalp, grease seeps in slower. During this time a teasing comb is your secret weapon. If you have straight hair, your curling iron will do the trick!

Aim for bedhead curls, Blake Lively style, nothing too perfect. Heck, do a half up do, perfect for second day hair!

Extend Your Blowout

The first thing you must know about straight hair is its ability to become greasier faster than curly hair. When you straighten your hair there is constant contact with the natural oils on your fingertips. Avoid touching your hair at all costs, this includes brushing! A tip when blow drying your hair is to blow dry in the opposite direction of your forehead; this is both good for you skin and hair. It prevents a future pimple from developing and doesn’t add extra grease onto your mane.

“Don’t forget to set your mane with a blast of cool air,” says Beautylish. “‘It’s like a Jello mold. If you let Jello cool before you unmold it, it holds its shape better,’ explains James. ‘Same goes for hair—if you want the volume in your blowout to last, finish by blowing cool air on the hair that’s wrapped around your round brush. Otherwise the hair will fall flat as it cools naturally.’ Mist tresses with a flexible finishing hairspray to set your style. The key to a sleek blowout is zapping any dampness. ‘Make sure your hair is completely dry. If any bit of moisture is left in the shaft it will get frizzy or limp faster,’ warns Paul.”

Our favorite way to extend our blowout is with dry shampoo. Some ladies hate dry shampoo, while others love it. If you are one of the few college goddesses who loathe dry shampoo, we are sorry to inform you that you just haven’t found the right fit; keep searching! Our ultimate favorite is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray 2.2 fl. oz. ($19, This baby gives you that extra texture for volume without weighing your hair down. We even use this on days when our strands are gyyyyysqueaky clean, this just holds the style better and makes us feel glamorous.

Also, invest in Velcro rollers, these will be your secret weapon for Victoria Secret-inspired voluminous hair. If you’re on a budget, whip out the baby powder -- yes, it works! The secret here is to apply it to your roots at and massage it at night before bed. If you plan to add some baby powder on your hair right before class, you may just leave your dorm with chalky, gray hair!

Post Blowout Ideas

Go Blair Waldorf on us and sport the perfect headband. Any headband will do because it will distract from any greasiness peaking through, or find one thick enough to cover a portion of your hair. You could always add some volume with a teasing comb or dry shampoo! Don’t be afraid to accessorize, be bold and try a turban or a hat,while maintaining your flowing locks.

If you have incredibly greasy hair, and want to avoid washing your hair daily, as you should, braids rule! Aside from being spring's biggest runway trend, braids are cute, fun and easy to master. Second day hair is perfect for braids. It’s almost impossible to create a perfect braid on clean hair. Your second day hair will hold any style much better than a fresh blowout. Our personal favorite is the side braid, both trendy and gorgeous! For extra greasy strands, we love Redken Powder Refresh 01 ($17.45,

Your ponytail just became your best friend. To avoid the appearance of extreme greasiness, do not tie your hair super tight. A messy ponytail is the perfect way to go, especially after rocking your waves after a couple of days. This is the perfect time to pull out your teasing comb! If you dare, opt for the ponytail bump!

Also, instead of the ordinary ponytail, experiment with a sexy but messy low chignon. Grab some bobby pins and start pinning! Don’t forget to bring out your bangs for added style.

Since we are already talking about the ponytail, let’s talk about the top knot. Your bun will be easier to secure, also less hairspray will be needed during your second day! This classic hairstyle will disguise any grease, plus anytime to use less product on your beehive is a win for us.

Sure some of you may think we are exaggerating, but many ladies out there have troublesome second day locks. Let’s get real ladies, second day hair is time saving, equally gorgeous, extra bouncy, and easier to hold. Although your hair is still kinda “clean” on this day, all styles could be worn on the third or fourth day, if you’re a hair hustler, like we are, and we’re proud too! Hair hustlers unite!

By: Ivanna Coello | Image: 1, 2

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