How to Achieve Pore-fection

“My hairline is so weird.” “My nail beds suck.” “My pores are so huge.” Sound familiar? Yes, we are, in fact, quoting "Mean Girls!" Out of all these pesky imperfections, the one that brings down our self-esteem the most is our pores. Obviously, as the pores we are most concerned with are on our faces, the most visible part to the world!

“Everybody’s got ’em -- they’re the openings to our oil glands. But whether or not you pay attention to your pores probably depends on their size,” says Daily Glow.

Before we proceed with our lesson, girlies, we hate to break it to you -- but pore size is determined by genetics, diet, sex and overall health; you cannot minimize your pore size, but you can make them appear smaller. When you speak about pores, in reality you are talking about hair follicles, whether you can see you pores or not, we have them all over our bodies.

Aside from being an unsightly nuisance, these babies do have a job! “They allow the oil generated in the sebaceous glands to reach the surface and lubricate the skin. The skin’s natural oil, called sebum, helps keep skin supple and healthy,” says

Pores become a problem when they become clogged by oil and dirt. You may have realized that if you have larger pores than your friends, you most likely suffer more from acne, blackheads, whiteheads and overall excessive oiliness.

But the good news is, you can always make your pores appear smaller. Your skincare regimen may take more maintenance than your best friend’s, but you will find that if you deal with your pores, your skin will begin to look and feel more flawless.

How To Care For Your Pores

Stay away from the sun! As you age your pores will gradually become larger because you skin’s elasticity decreases. Don’t speed up the process by forgetting to wear sunscreen and getting a tan on those hot, summer days! You want to maintain as much collagen as you naturally can to prevent pores from enlarging.

The most basic advice we can give you is don’t let your pores get clogged! This means using the right products for your skin. It is important to cleanse your face twice a day, tone and moisturize. No matter how oily your skin is, moisturize!

During summer months, it is important to use a more aggressive face cleanser to prevent dirt buildup. Look for goodies that contain salicylic, lactic, or glycolic acids, which aid in removing excessive oil.

And you must exfoliate, little darlings! Exfoliating will save all skin types from a slew of troubles. In addition to using the appropriate, daily products for your skin, a face mask is essential! Using a clay mask once a week is ideal to draw out any impurities from the skin. And please, please, please, remove your makeup! One night of going to sleep with your makeup on will leave you with a friendly, pimply reminder for the next two weeks, never doubt that!

Finally, “...put your makeup to work. Products such as primers, concealers, foundation, loose mineral powder, and blotting sheets can help you maintain coverage and make large pores less visible. Just be sure to thoroughly cleanse your face at day's end to keep pores from getting clogged with makeup residue,” says Daily Glow.

Sleep Time

Even though we think you guys are too old for this talk, we are going reiterate it: keep your hands and hair OFF your face! Do not squeeze any blackheads, whiteheads or pimples. Squeezing your blemishes will only cause your pores to become larger than they were. For you ladies with oily skin and bangs, we hate to break it to you, but we pretty sure that your bangs are kicking your skin’s oiliness into overdrive by making breakouts more common on your forehead and temples! This may seem like common sense, but don’t fall asleep with your hair loose; you hair is full of oils and products. It also helps to change your pillowcase daily, this way you won’t have to sleep in the last night's bacteria.

Most of you think keeping your face clean is enough, but it is not. Whatever touches your face should be clean! This includes your hands, makeup brushes and cell phone.

It may sound harsh, but taking care of your skin is common sense. Taking these small measures will make you feel better because you will know that you are consciously doing everything to stop further aggravating it. All your skin’s problems lie in your pores! Keep them clean! It’s hard to keep your pores dirt-free but not impossible.

By: Ivanna Coello | Image: Source

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  1. As always, Ivanna writes the most applicable articles that relate to REAL girls!! Thanks for the helpful advice!!! Loved the mean girls reference!!!! :)

  2. I agree with Amy! Very good advice :)

  3. My goal in life is to have no visible pores...these tips WILL get me there.


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