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In honor of summer breaks across the country, this week’s Red Carpet to Real Life offers a PCB flashback brought to you by “Spring Breakers” actress Selena Gomez. The actress/singer attended The Alliance for Children’s Rights 21st Annual Dinner in Los Angeles and arrived wearing a cutout maxi dress by Lovers & Friends. Recently, Selena has been trying out edgier looks on the carpet in an effort to expand her image, and this outfit is one that definitely fits the grown-up bill.

Selena’s look is a little bit goth and a little bit glam, two worlds that might not usually combine. This long black dress could be considered conservative, with its modest neckline and long hem, but the cutouts add that little bit of edge and take this dress to the next level. The printed skirt is also a fun feature of this look, with the embellishment adding a little something to the basic black and giving the eye somewhere to go. A few cool accessories add to the vibe of this look, including a chunky silver pendant necklace and some sleek black studs. And for a final touch, Selena finishes off her look with a pair of pointed black heels that are just as shiny as her long locks.

1. Sweater from NastyGal, $68
2. Shoes from Aldo, $69.98
3. Necklace from Target, $14.99
4. Bag from Forever 21, $32.80
5. Earrings from Mimco, $62.35
6. Skirt from ASOS, $64.43

This week’s outfit is back-to-black, which is great for those blustery days when you want to keep cozy but also keep a little bit of edge in your look. To recreate Selena’s look, we’re breaking this dress into two parts. A chunky sweater works much better on a chilly day than exposed abs, and a long black maxi skirt samples the silhouette of Selena’s dress, and the slits add an echo of her dress’ cutout accents. This outfit is also getting a little bit of a color swap, with the black top of Selena’s dress translating to the black maxi skirt and the patterned skirt represented by the textured sweater.

Instead of heels like Selena wore, this outfit is getting a pair of chic black ankle booties with a little rock-and-roll edge. As for accessories, a chunky pendant necklace in the same style as Selena’s and a pair of sleek black stud earrings bring a little attitude to this look, and the silver accents add some shine. A black leather and suede bag makes a subtle statement without overwhelming the outfit and is the perfect place to store the blush you’re going to need to keep up a flawless flush like Selena’s!

By: Hannah Barnes | Image: Source, listed retail stores

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