7 Essentials for Rocking a Maxi Dress

It’s time to gear up for the warmer weather with a maxi dress! Take a good look in your closet -- do you have a maxi dress? Why not?! Like the LBD, a plain white tee and your everyday denim, a maxi dress is necessary. Whether you are short or tall, curvy or slender, this is a must-have closet essential.

The first glance of the maxi dress was in 1968 when the man himself, Oscar de La Renta, created a cotton lace piece for Elizabeth Arden. By the 1970s every top designer had their own version of the maxi, but as all fads fade, the maxi dress was no longer considered fashionable. No fear, the maxi dress has made its comeback and is more charming than ever!

1) Length
Maxi dresses are essentially sundresses, just longer. There is no right or wrong length to consider when purchasing one! Some may think that the best length for a maxi dress is when it sweeps the floor, however, that might be a fashion safety hazard. A floor length dress looks heavy and drags, while an ankle length is more breezy and easier to move around in.

2) Style
Strapless or halter, find something that is comfortable to walk around in! In the 1970s maxi dresses were meant to be bold prints and something that makes a statement when worn. But today, lightweight fabrics are the best way to go!

3) Shoes
As a maxi dress is best worn ankle length, you want to show off your shoes! It’s best to stay casual when choosing the right footwear; after all, a maxi dress is just a longer sundress! A pair of wedges, flats or even a strappy sandal is the best look.

4) Layers
Adding on to any outfit is always a good idea. With a maxi dress try adding denim, which is very fashion forward this season. Jean vests and jackets are lightweight and chic.

5) Accessorize
Keep the accessories simple and try not to overpower the dress. A long necklace, cocktail ring, layered bangles and a thin belt are the way to go.

6) Headgear
Maxi dresses are all about simplicity, but that is no reason to not add a cute fedora for those hot spring and summer days! Sunglasses, headbands and a scarf to wrap your hair up with is a great way to complete the look.

7) Outfit Repeater
Many maxi dresses can be worn all year round, look out for ones that are versatile! Still too cold for a dress? Try a pair of tights under the maxi to keep that breeze from running up your legs, and add a pair of boots to keep your toes warm!

Maxi dresses are not only stylish but also comfortable! Just because it is not quite yet beach weather, pull out that maxi dress and start rocking it now!

By: Sarah Mattoon | Image: Source

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