5 Reasons We Love Ashlan Gorse, America’s Favorite Entertainment Journalist

Vibrant, light-hearted and hard-working are a just a few characteristics that come to mind when thinking about Ashlan Gorse. Gorse is a vivacious entertainment journalist, and she works as a correspondent for the media and celebrity news outlet E! News. She has an amazing red carpet presence and has interviewed many famous actors, including Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Drew Barrymore and William Shatner, to name just a few.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Broadcasting and a Minor in Music, Gorse landed a gig with the prestigious NBC Page Program in New York, working behind the scenes at shows like “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and “Saturday Night Live.” Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles to serve as editor-at-large for Life & Style Magazine. Her entertainment and celebrity insight was always on par, and this led Gorse to transition from her position at Life & Style to that of working as a broadcast correspondent for the extremely popular E! News Network.

Read on for five reasons College Gloss loves Ashlan Gorse.

1. Confidence is the key to her success
Gorse is a spirited, hard-working television personality in the media today, and she has landed so much success in the entertainment broadcast world because of her drive and passion for reporting. In an interview with, Gorse commented, “It took me six years after I graduated of working my tail off to getting my job at E!. It’s a long and extremely bumpy road, but if you have your heart set on it, go after it.” Gorse is a major inspiration to college students looking to breaking out into the entertainment reporting scene because she understands the competition nowadays, but she is quick to remind students that if you persevere, more opportunities can be opened.

2. She’s “eco-chic”
Gorse understands that it’s always “in” to be eco-friendly. She contributes a blog to E! Online, “Eco Chic with Ashlan,” that highlights easy tips and tricks for everyone to try to reduce their carbon footprint and explains how to be more environmentally-friendly. All of her blog articles offer extremely helpful -- not to mention resourceful -- advice and ideas. Some of her advice includes buying makeup with less packaging (since it’s going to be thrown away anyway) and to try to walk to complete your errands, as opposed to driving. Gorse has said, “I have since set out on making myself, my car, my house, my dog and even my co-workers more eco-friendly without sacrificing style. I mean, we do work at E!”

3. Gorse embraces her shape
In an age where everyone is obsessing over keeping up with style debutantes and following the hottest designers like Isaac Mizrahi and Michael Kors, it may seem impossible to feel at ease with our body shapes at all times. Ashlan Gorse, however, is a phenomenal example of someone who has come to not only embrace her body shape but also to be proud of who she is. In response to the pressure to look a certain way physically on television, Gorse commented, “I always try to look the best I can... My parents always told me to be proud of my height and I always try to remember that.” In an interview with, Gorse said that she hates when the entertainment industry places such important emphasis on how “great” it is to be super skinny. She continued, “Luckily, I think ‘skinny’ is celebrated less than ‘healthy’ now that women like Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks are on the scene.” To Gorse, it’s most important to “rock what you got.”

4. She rocks both the red carpet and E!
Ashlan Gorse is equal parts witty, outgoing and kind, which is probably the best mix to be a red carpet reporter for the E! Network. She has flawlessly reported for many award shows, including the Oscars, the Grammys and the Golden Globes, and her red carpet presence is both bold and fresh. Also, Gorse is extremely multi-dimensional in terms of her work for E!. In an interview with, Gorse explained, “I kind of cover everything, from breaking news to pop culture to music to television and movies, so on any given day I could be anchoring for the evening news, anchoring for the internet, breaking news, or off on a red carpet.” Gorse always tries to step out of the box and try something new -- there is no “glass ceiling” for this impressive woman.

5. Her passion is undeniable
Gorse’s role on E! serves as an earnest reminder to college women alike that your dreams and ambitions can be achieved if you set your mind to it, but to also be prepared for failures along with successes, and that sometimes a dream job isn’t handed to you on a silver platter following graduation. Before E!, Gorse said, “I wanted to be on camera and didn’t know how to make it happen. So I worked my way up from being a production assistant to field producer to segment producer.” Gorse has also made it clear that you need to find a way to do what you love and to take the good with the bad: “Make sure you really, really want to do this. The job is crazy hours and full of stress... Do everything you can to get yourself out there.”

Ashlan Gorse is one of the most intelligent and extroverted women in broadcast entertainment, and she is a personal favorite to CG. Besides E! News, she has also appeared on shows like “The Insider,” “The Early Show” and “The Today Show.” At 33, Gorse always strives to achieve more each day, and her ultimate goals are “to bring more socially conscious stories to the entertainment realm” and to “highlight people making a difference in the world and hopefully inspire others to do the same.” Gorse has definitely inspired CG women to dream big with the right attitude and work ethic!

By: Mallory Feeney | Images: 1, 2

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