4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Fall Class Schedule

Summer is here, and you need to create the ever-so-daunting college task -- designing the perfect fall class schedule. The key to a successful semester lies in your schedule, as it dictates your university lifestyle and can either benefit or destroy your time management skills. College registrar systems frequently crash from student overload during class scheduling and counselors refuse to accept appointments, so start early to ensure you create the schedule of your dreams.

Below are four tips guaranteed to help you wisely craft your schedule.

1. Ask Around: Your advisor and classmates are two vital groups when creating a class schedule because it provides a better academic and peer perspective. You should always talk to your advisor to confirm your required core classes, milestones and academic plan. Schedule an appointment with your counselor at least two weeks in advance to ensure he or she will give you the appropriate time allotment for the guidance you deserve. On the other side, speak with your colleagues and inquire everywhere to learn what works, what does not and how to survive challenging courses.

2. Do Research: When selecting your class plan for the next few months, it is essential to conduct research on the professors and classes. Your friends can help steer you in the right direction, but completely anonymous stranger reviews and ratings can ultimately seal the deal. This website allows you to browse universities by state and easily search for instructors and their invaluable teaching assistants.

3. Extra, Extra: Before you decide to register in any “extra” or supplementary courses not required for your major, confirm you have both the available time in your scholastic scheme and financial resources to do so with your advisor and parents. Taking a variety of classes helps create a better-rounded woman prepped for nearly any situation with knowledge from different fields and eras. Exploring unfamiliar departments allows you to develop as an individual, foster personal areas of interest and become confident in your major and specific college selection.

3. Be Realistic: All of the aforementioned advice has no real substance unless you are realistic with your class scheduling. Take a moment and think about your learning patterns. If you are not a morning person, chances are you will not easily become one overnight and excel in 8 a.m. classes. Also consider your entire lifestyle including work, internships, extracurricular activities and social commitments.

We suggest you follow these savvy recommendations to succeed in the challenging balancing act of classes and social life -- good luck, gals!

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