3 Apps That Will Simplify Your Life

In today’s modern information age, there appears to be an application for just about anything on every available platform. Sometimes it can be difficult to find practical apps to simplify, improve and entertain your life, but College Gloss is here to help.

1. Mint

Behold, the greatest free app offered on the iPhone and Android market (it’s also available online). Mint organizes and categorizes all of your financial information from different bank accounts, student loans, investments and more. It provides you with very detailed transaction information, like “Sephora for $87.95,” instead of your bank’s confusing statement, “POS SHA X87G.” Mint also alerts you of upcoming dates when bills are due, account activity above or below your preferred amount and analyzes your expenses into specific categories like groceries, gas and restaurants. And most importantly, it has the same 128-bit encryption as banks, alerts you via emails and texts of any suspicious account activity and acts as a “read-only” service meaning no one (including you) can move money. It’s a safe, free app that presents you with your entire financial picture.

2. WomanLog

The days of speculating and worrying about your period are gone. This free, easy-to-navigate application, available on Apple and Android devices, modernizes your life with a menstrual and fertility calendar. You can input important information daily, such as body temperature, symptoms, weight, mood and if you take the pill or have sex. Womanlog also creates helpful statistics based off of your average cycle length and menstruation length.

3. Evernote

This free app seamlessly combines all of your notes, ideas, images and tasks into one place and syncs across all of your platforms. Evernote is the ultimate life organizer -- from planning trips and keeping all of your itineraries or confirmations together, to snapping a photo of a trendy purse at the mall and recording a comment. Evernote also allows you to share your “notes” with family, friends and colleagues. It resembles an upgraded, more sensible version of Pinterest.

These top apps best cater to the needs and wants of a smart college woman. They will help manage your budget, track your female physiological changes and arrange all of your brilliant ideas into one place.

By: Claire Walton | Image: Source

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