Career Advice: How to Dress for Success

As if applying for jobs and landing the interview were not difficult enough, your interview attire speaks volumes and can be the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not a company employs you. As a young woman emerging into the job market, your apparel must always demonstrate seriousness and professionalism. You want to dress for success and for the job you passionately desire.

Below are three simple steps that guarantee you will establish yourself as the most polished and mature candidate.

1. Conservative outfits win. As young and beautiful college women, it is imperative not to blur the line between interview attire and a flashy Friday night ensemble. You want to land this dream job based on your merit and accomplishments, not on your provocative clothing and smokey black eyes. By dressing in a more conservative manner, you emphasize your real assets to the company and do not draw unnecessary attention or create office gossip. If wearing a skirt, its shortest length should be just above the knee paired with a neutral pantyhose.

2. Simple, yet stellar. Continuing with the conservative theme, chic and subtle jewelry is practical when accessorizing for interviews. You do not want to wear distracting or noisy jewelry during an interview, so you should leave your arm candy at home and sport your sophisticated watch instead. Also, wear the bare minimum perfume because some people are overly-sensitive to such odors, which can cause headaches.

3. Color me modest. An interview presents the employer with the opportunity to connect your glossy, 8.5’’ by 11’’ resume to a gracious and respected young woman. Be sure to stray away from pastels, neons and excessive patterns. Instead wear a neutral palette of colors like cream, navy, gray, charcoal and black. These darker colors make you appear more powerful and dignified.

Follow these easy steps to win over your interviewer. First impressions play a substantial role when hiring candidates, so shine bright in an elegant, conservative outfit with tasteful jewelry. Once you are employed, the company will notify you if they have a more casual and relaxed attire - until then, overdress!

By: Claire Walton | Image: Source

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