7 Ways to Make the Most out of Your College Experience

The college years are flying by quickly, and now is the time for us to figure out what we want to pursue in the future. As we struggle to find what career path we want to take, check out a few of your school’s organizations! Each college and university offers many different extracurricular activities, and these organizations could be the key to finding your strong suit. Not only are extracurricular activities a good way to meet new people, but also a much-needed addition to your resume.

Choose a general focus and take note of each and every extracurricular your school has to offer. If you’re not sure of what career you’re interested in pursuing, start by thinking about what your hobbies are, or what subjects in school you enjoy best.

Don’t brush off an organization that looks weird on paper -- check it out anyway! You have nothing to lose, and it might just be exactly what you were looking for. There are so many options for a college student to explore besides sitting in a classroom and taking notes. At the same time, it’s important to not overdo it in extracurriculars department. Try choosing one or two that you feel like you would definitely participate in. It’s much more worthwhile to dedicate your time to a couple of organizations, rather than just paying the dues and getting the t-shirt in many.

Become involved in your organization of choice and don’t be afraid to take on some responsibility, even if you already have a full course load. The experience you gain within school organizations can be much more beneficial than the typical classroom experience.

Here are seven ways you can make the most out of your college experience:

1) Volunteer
From local hospitals to non-profits, organizations around your school and city will be looking for volunteers. It's a great way to do some good in the world and have fun with your peers -- and even make new friends!

2) Play a sport
Did you play a sport in high school? Want to try something new? Either way, your school probably has organizations dedicated to sports from tennis to ultimate frisbee. Don't be afraid to get out there and get some calorie-burning exercise while you're at it.

3) Become a foodie
Try new foods! Whether or not your school offers cooking clubs, you can always go out to try a new place (and perhaps some new cuisine) with a few friends. Suggestions? If you haven't ventured into the foodie world, look up some places on Yelp. And if you've stuck to mainly American food, try Vietnamese pho, Japanese sushi, and Ethiopian food -- just to name a few cuisines that are absolutely delicious.

4) Join a cause
If you're passionate about an issue, join a cause! It's a great way to meet like-minded people and make a ripple on social justice.

5) Consider Greek life
Greek life, although not for everyone, can be a great way to get involved and meet new people. Beyond the parties, sororities often hold philanthropic, sisterhood, and career development events that you can get involved in!

6) Get into fashion
Try new styles in college, and perhaps consider joining your university's fashion organization. College is a place to try new things, and how you dress can be one of them!

7) Intern
Clubs are not the only extracurricular activities in college worth trying. Internships are a great resume booster and are becoming more readily available for school credit. Some colleges and universities even require an internship, and you never know whom you will meet while networking!

It is never too late to make a change in college, and don’t let anyone tell you different. If you’re not happy with your major or classes, sign up for an extracurricular activity and do something that makes your college experience memorable! You won’t regret it.

By: Sarah Mattoon / CG Staff | Image: Source

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