Is He Really Over Her? 5 Signs He Hasn’t Moved On

Starting a new relationship can be tricky, especially if the new man of interest is recently single. A girl has to wonder, is investing in the relationship worth the effort? While he may be assuring you that he’s “totally over her,” there are many signs that tell if that’s really the truth. Every girl deserves a man who is 100 percent committed and interested in them, so to help better understand his feelings toward his ex, here are five signs that he may be still hanging on to a past relationship.

He Consistently Bad-Mouths Her: This is the middle school cliché of making fun of someone we’re attracted to. If he is frequently talking trash about his ex, it shows that he still holds strong emotions towards her. According to Dr. Wendy Walsh, author of "The 30-Day Love Detox," “Some guys have physically broken up, yet haven’t emotionally let go, and they stay connected through conflict ... if he is talking about the bad things she did in the past, he’s trying to remind himself that he’s not still in love with her -- because he is still in love with her.”

They Frequently Text: The majority of exes do not stay stay friends and they shouldn’t, unless there are emotions still keeping them together. While keeping in touch with the occasional e-mail or text can be healthy, his behavior should not be constant. Out of respect for his new relationship, he should keep his distance from past girlfriends.

He Keeps Their Photos: She was a part of his past, so obviously they have pictures and mementos of one another. But if pictures of her or keepsakes are clearly visible around his apartment or you catch him looking at them repeatedly, something is definitely off. It is okay to go down memory lane every once in awhile, but an attachment to these items could mean he isn’t ready to move on from the relationship.

He Gets Upset When She Starts Dating Again: While he may seem happy dating someone new, if the minute his ex goes off the market he’s jealous, it’s a telltale sign that his feelings for her have not ended. If he has truly moved on, why shouldn’t she be able to see someone new?

Her Name Comes up in Conversation: Getting to know about one another’s past is a crucial part of any relationship, but he should not bring up the ‘ex card’ unless he is specifically asked. If he brings it up in a conversation or starts to make comparisons, it is a sure red flag.

Before acts of jealousy enter the new relationship, sit down with your new BF and have an honest talk about his current feelings about the relationship and about his ex. If he is not fully committed to the relationship or his heart is still on the mend from the past, it might be best for both parties to let him fully heal before starting a relationship together.

By: Marina Tomao | Image: Source

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