Casino Culture: Women Rising in the Gambling World

Once upon a time in a male chauvinist society, a woman in a casino was almost invariably one of a few things: lucky talisman, arm candy, member of staff or hanger-on. To see a woman staring down a rival over the poker table was rare.

Now, women gamers are now as much an essential part of the world’s casinos as poker chips, and whether you’re kicking back in Vegas or playing online at sites like Jackpot Capital Online Casino, you’re more than likely to find yourself competing for that top prize with other women.

You’ve probably met them already by now, but let’s take a look at some of the different types of lady gamers whose idea of cleaning up has nothing whatsoever to do with household chores...

The Party Girl: Ladies who like to party are taking to the casinos of the world in ever-growing numbers. Groups of girls are currently setting fire to green felt and lighting up VIP areas, not to mention enjoying the clubs and DJs of famous casinos.

The Slot Feeder: It's the opinion of many armchair commentators and some actual researchers that certain women are actually drawn to play slots through a desire to feed something in return for a tangible reward - a win. Whether you think it’s a credible theory or just plain nonsense, a visit to a casino will leave you in no doubt that girls love pokies.

The Gaming Queen: There’s a revolution happening out there on the pro gaming tours. Over the past decade or so female players have started breaking through onto the top tables in traditionally male-dominated games like poker, scooping big-money prizes at major events and teaching their (usually male) detractors a hard and expensive lesson in the process.

The Digital Liberty Belle: The advent of the online casino has blown the gaming industry wide open, allowing players all the gaming options under the sun from the comfort of home. Women gamers are taking to the online casino sites in their droves. Ladies know a good thing when they see it!

Just four of the many different kinds of women gamers currently making the casinos of the world their own. Men watch out! These girls are out to hit the jackpot, and you get the impression that Lady Luck is most definitely on their side.

By: Anonymous | Image: Source | Note: This is a guest post.

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