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LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool utilized in the employment quest. It fosters friendships, builds networks and advances you towards your dream internship or career path. It is no surprise LinkedIn reached an overwhelming 200 million plus members in January 2013, worth 74 million of those members registered in the United States. LinkedIn is the best platform for your job search and networking, so stop spending as much time on Facebook, and build your online presence on this phenomenal, professional site.

The first step is creating an account, which is simple, quick and, best of all, free. LinkedIn caters to its members and if English is not your native or preferred language, you are offered 18 other languages to choose from. Fill out as many of the forms as you can and upload your current, perfected resume. Be sure to always update your profile with awards, job transitions and anything else pertinent to your career.

The next step is building your network. You are given the fantastic option to email all of your friends an invitation to connect; this is a simple method to quickly create countless connections, and you should take the opportunity. You should then add more connections by searching individuals names in the toolbar, acquiring more email addresses and finding people in shared circles. Sometimes you will know a significant amount of individuals listed on the right of the page under “connections you may know.”

You should also join groups you are interested in or belong to outside of the site. For example, if you are a member of the Student Government Association at your university, you would benefit from joining that national group to connect with other individuals and learn about exciting opportunities.

Once you have a decent amount of connections, join other groups that interest or fascinate you and provide individuals with helpful feedback to their questions and posts. The beautiful feature of LinkedIn is that it you can help others achieve their dreams and steer them in the right direction, and others will do the same for you, too.

In short, create an account, update your profile, get linked with your contacts, join groups, answer questions and watch your online presence exponentially grow. You should frequent LinkedIn often to learn about job postings and stay relevant in the growing professional world.

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