7 Essentials for Snoozing Without Losing

Wake up! It’s time to get moving! Sleeping through our alarm clocks not only stresses us out, but it also throws off our whole day. With late-night study sessions and 8 a.m. classes the next day, all we want to do is press the snooze button over and over again. Stop that right now! As much as we want to lay in bed forever and put life on hold, we all know that is just not possible. It’s time to start the day and FAST!

1) Breathe
Calm down, regroup and don’t freak out! We have all slept through our alarm clocks once or twice before, but it’s not the end of the world! Try to stay calm, and don’t stress out.

2) Cool Off
Hop out of bed and take a lukewarm shower to help jump-start your energy. A steamy, hot shower will only make you feel more tired. A cold shower will encourage you to rush, just lather and rinse. Don’t worry about washing your hair right now, soap up your body and wash your face. This should only take you five minutes!

3) Outfit
Try to remember to pick out an outfit the night before, just in case something like this happens and there is no time to waste. Keep it casual; throw on a pair of leggings and a chunky knit sweater with a pair of boots or ballet flats!

4) Accessorize
Play it safe and add an infinity scarf to spice up your outfit. Try not to take too much time overdoing it with arm candy and finding the perfect earrings to match.

5) Munch
Don’t worry about the coffee right now, drink a glass of water and refuel with a Nutrigrain Bar. It’s better to put a little bit of something in your stomach than not to eat anything at all. A juicy apple is also a quick choice to get your motor running.

6) Squeaky Clean
Brush those pearly whites; you don’t want to walk out of the house with morning breath! Don’t forget to put on deodorant either. Skip putting on make-up for now. Throw some of the essentials like mascara and powder in a bag and apply later.

7) Essentials
Like having an outfit laid out for the morning, try to have a bag packed with your books and pens the night before. Always make sure you know where everything is. If anything at all, grab your keys, phone and wallet, then get going!

Remember, there is no need to panic. You are not the first person to sleep through your alarm. Next time you set your alarm clock, try setting it 15 minutes earlier than you would normally get up, or even, disable the snooze button so there is no temptation to keep sleeping. We don’t know what you’re waiting for -- it’s time to stop snoozing and start getting ready for the day!

By: Sarah Mattoon | Image: Source

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  1. Good lord! The look in his eyes when he wakes up is priceless! Looks like he's ready to kill someone. SnoreBore


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