5 Savvy Stores for Phone Cases Under $20

Cell phones are than just phones; they have become accessories that represent personality and style. From studs to florals, cell phone cases come in an array of designs to fit all fashion styles as well as models of phones. A funky find from any of these five retailers can transform an ordinary cell phone into a stand-out piece.

1. T.J. Maxx 
For the shopper who loves a great deal, T.J. Maxx is a store full of designer finds for fantastic values. Whether it’s clothes, shoes or purses, T.J. Maxx is sure to have everything a buyer wants at a reduced price. Several styles cost around $15.

Top Pick - Because T.J. Maxx is always updating their inventory they carry cases from the hottest designers like Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer.

2. Amazon
The website has thousands of handmade and popular phone cases in an assortment of styles for everyone's taste and budgets for prices as cheap as $1.

Top Pick - Samsung Galaxy S3 Teal Retro Cover Case

3. Walmart
Walmart may not seem like a savvy place to buy a cell phone case, but the website stocks a wide array of cases. Even the pickiest fashionista is sure to change her mind, as Walmart carries phone cases for all the top brands like Apple, Blackberry and LG. Prices start at $1.95.

Top Pick- Frost Matte Slim Case for HTC Desire

4. CellularOutfitter
CellularOutfitter sells cell phones and accessories at warehouse prices. The website features phone cases from over 20 brands, so they are sure to have cases for everyone’s needs. With prices starting at $4, it’s possible to get a case for everyday of the week!

Top Pick- Blackberry Torch Full Bling Flower Garden Cover

5. Accessory Geeks
Luckily, buyers on this site do not have to be geeks to snag an amazing phone case. Accessory Geeks features many types of cases from wooden to their own line called Geeks Designer Line. Customizable cases are also available. The average price is $10.

Top Pick- Apple iPhone 5 Retro Owls Hard Case

With all of the hottest celebrities using cell phone cases to rock their fashion sense it’s no wonder phone cases have become such a trend. No matter which phone is styled out, it is sure to look amazing in one of the many choices these stores offer with a price that won’t break the bank.

By: Darcy Trauger | Image: Source

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