How to Make Your Own Perfume

Perfume gives a woman her signature scent, but making your own is even more personalized. Yes, Dolce and Gabbana and Chanel No. 5 smell amazing, but your own fragrance can smell just as nice. With a good quality base oil and a variety of natural essential oils, you can create perfumes to suit your personality and moods.

Fragrance scents are divided into top, middle and base notes, a scale that is a similar to a musical scale. A well-blended perfume must contain all three notes, and the final effect depends on the balance between them. Top notes are fresh, light and usually floral. They are the first scents that you can detect in a blended perfume. Middle notes usually form the main character of the blend. They are medium in strength and are “mellow” to smell. Base notes are the last to be detected, with rich, heavy and long-lasting lingering scents.

Essential oils are antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral. They stimulate the body’s immune system. You can buy them from herbalists, health food stores, drugstores and aromatherapy supply stores. If you don’t have natural plant oils, you can use synthetic oils, also known as nature-identical oils. Nature-identical oils are made synthetically because the pure equivalents are so expensive.

To make your own perfume you will need:
  • A small dark glass bottle
  • 1 or 2 tsp. measuring spoon
  • Small funnel
  • Several droppers
  • Strips of blotting paper
  • 2 tsp. jojoba oil
  • Selection of essential oils

1. Choose three or four essential oils. Decide which the top, middle and base notes are, and which you would like to be the most dominant.
2. Place drops of the oils (in the proportion in which you would like to use them), onto a strip of blotting paper. Leave for five minutes, and then sniff to see if you have achieved the desired effect. Correct if necessary.
3. Pour the jojoba oil into the bottle. Add up to 20 drops essential oil in the proportions that you have worked out. Cover. Shake well. Sniff to test. If necessary, correct by adding only one extra drop of oil at a time.
4. Leave the perfume for 12 hours in a cool, dark place for the blend to mature. Use within two months.


Before creating a perfume, test for sensitivity by placing one drop of each of the chosen oils on your arm. Leave for an hour, and if they cause an allergic reaction, don’t use!

Now, you ladies can become mad scientists and create your own perfume concoction. Have fun; there are plenty of scents to go around. Find your perfect fragrance!

By: Stephanie Scott | Image: Source | Sources: Readers Digest Natural Beauty by Gail Duff and The Good Earth Bath, Beauty & Health Book by Casey Kellar.

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