Designer Diaries: Meet Selly Raby Kane

Twenty-five-year-old designer Selly Raby Kane is so excited to be launching her clothing line! Kane began designing in 2008 and looks up to the likes of industry moguls such as Maki Oh, William Okpo and Vivienne Westwood. Selly Raby Kane lives in Dakar-Senegal and knows her clothing is going to be big! Kane’s clothing is“fresh, easy, cool, edgy, tricky sometimes and most of the time colorful!” It can be ordered online via until the e-shop is launched and a boutique will open in 2013 in Dakar Senegal! Selly is inspired by a range of artistic things including “colors, music, cartoons, and fantastic movies.”

Selly’s clothing is very artistic and is perfect for girls who want to be different when it comes to their clothing and are all about being noticed. With her growing brand, Kane wants to show the world her clothing is meant to be sophisticated, urban, fresh and inventive. Kane’s “iconic capsule collection” features modern and trendy pieces that are perfect for a fun coffee date with friends or an artistic exhibit off-campus. Bottom line? Kane’s clothing is creative and like nothing you have ever seen before!

Learn more about her design life through CG’s interview with Selly below…

Who are your favorite designers?
Manish Arora, Junya Watanabe, Paul Smith and Jeremy Scott.

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Know your business, know yourself, destroy boundaries and live from your art.

When did you first start to develop your sense of style?
I used to collect from here and there thousands of small fabric pieces and sew crazy outfits to my dolls and teddy bears. I think creating styles and looks came from there.

What celebrities do you see wearing your clothes?
Solange Knowles, Alexa Chung, M.I.A and Janelle Monae.

Did you always want a career as a fashion designer?
No -- as a teen I wanted to be a journalist. I used to be a child reporter on a Senegalese radio dedicated to children. It was fun! Then I wanted to be a lawyer. And you know how things ended.

What kind of occasions would readers wear your clothing to?
From cool cool parties at Les Petites Pierres of Dakar to happenings at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?
Street Art was my main inspiration.

What is your mantra when it comes to designing?
Keep it Fun!

By: Annie Robinson | Image Source: Anna Toure PR

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  1. wow, I have read of few fashion designers claim that street art was there main inspiration. I definitely see it!


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