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What do you get when you combine glitzy makeup, tons of drama and a super elite glam factor? The key concepts behind every college girl’s favorite TV show ...  "Glam Fairy!" For those who haven’t been following Season 2 of the highly popular reality TV show, the series follows the coveted life of New Jersey-based makeup artist Alexa Prisco as she manages life at work (she runs her own makeup company that beautifies everything from chic weddings to suave high fashion events) to her personal life (this season Alexa works on planning her wedding to her fiancĂ© Danny and manages the ups and downs of her first pregnancy!). Tune in Sunday nights at 9/8 C on the Style Network for amazing all-new episodes sure to have you laughing, screaming and completely enjoying yourself!

For the star of the show, Alexa Prisco, filming Season 2 of "Glam Fairy" was exciting, hectic and nerve-wracking: “to be completely honest I had found out not even two months before filming that I was pregnant, so it was pretty scary knowing the level of dedication an entire production needed from me and also knowing my personal limitations,” says Alexa.

Season 2 of "Glam Fairy" allows viewers to get to know the fairies in the factory even better, plus we are also given a glimpse of Alexa’s personal life through her wedding planning and baby bliss: “my favorite part [of the season] is when I reveal that I am pregnant and the show sort of transitions into a place where you can see a side of myself that is rarely explored on the show -- the side that is not confident and more vulnerable.” Overall, "Glam Fairy" Season 2 is highly entertaining and a lot of fun to watch!

Want to learn more about Alexa Prisco’s makeup tips and tricks and the inside details on "Glam Fairy" Season 2? Check out the interview we scored with the ultimate Glam Fairy herself...

Can you give our readers some tips on the best beauty products to wear for school?
AP: I think it’s important for young girls to remember that they’re young and to dress accordingly. Some of my favorite products for younger girls are tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm, cheek stain and shadow sticks! If you are in your college years, I think it’s important to have a makeup routine that doesn’t take up a lot of time! Bold, fun lipstick colors really show off whatever skin color you have, and by having a strong focal point on the lips, you can get away with just a little eye makeup and blush.

You have been lucky enough to turn your passion into a business. What are some entrepreneurial tips you can share with our readers?
AP: I think it’s important for people to do what they love, and I always say that the money will follow. I feel that everyone comes into this world with at least one thing they are naturally good at and love. It’s just a matter of taking a risk and trying to cultivate that passion into something lucrative.

Season 2 of "Glam Fairy" shows that sometimes working in a business can be tough. What is the hardest part of running The Glam Factory?
AP: I would say the most difficult thing about running a business is trying to find the perfect balance between being someone’s friend and being their boss! It’s makeup and hair, and employees are quicker to “let their hair down” so to speak ... people getting too comfortable too quick is a recipe for disaster.

Some of your fairies are easier to work with than others, but what does it really take to succeed as a Glam Fairy under your supervision?
AP: I think the most important attribute for success is humility. Don’t tell me how great you are -- let your work and your performance speak for itself.

During Season 2 we see the ups and downs of working with your close friend Jon. What has been the hardest part of working with such a close friend?
AP: Working with any friend is tricky because they have an advantage that your employees don’t -- they know your weaknesses. Jon knows how to make me feel bad for him!

The Glam Factory is a pretty busy place to be ... what are you doing when you are not working? AP: When I am not working I enjoy relaxing! I love preparing for this baby ... by making sure I have every little thing she could possibly need washed and ready to go! I love reading books and watching documentaries on the birth process and childcare (boring to some, but not to me!). Aside from that I spend all my free time with Danny! We are trying to soak in as much alone time as possible because in just two short weeks this duo will be a trio.

What has inspired you with your wedding plans (what kind of a wedding do you and Danny want)?
 AP: If I had my dream wedding, it would be in a vineyard in upstate New York with incredible wine and great friends.

We are pretty excited that you are pregnant with a baby girl (congratulations!). How are you feeling about starting a family?
AP: I am so excited to be a family, and I feel truly blessed to have such a healthy baby in my belly! I truly feel that this baby was made out of the deepest love I have ever felt in my life, and I hope that my daughter feels every day just how loved she is!

Have you decided on any names for your daughter? Can you share some of them with us?
AP: Our daughter’s name is McKayla Olivia Ziegler!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
AP: I see myself with my best friend Danny! I see us in a great house! I see my career sort of a machine that takes care of itself, not requiring my attention as much, allowing me to be the mother and wife I want to be. I see myself with two or three kids! Just enjoying and soaking in all the great moments having a family will give you.

All in all, Season 2 of "Glam Fairy" has been amazing, and we definitely hope Season 3 is in the works! Will you be tuning in to watch the next episode of "Glam Fairy" on the Style Network? Leave a comment below to let us know your favorite part of this season.

By: Annie Robinson | Images: Pinterest, NBC Photo, Nigel Parry/Style Network

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