Study Abroad: Your Guide to European Night Life

Maybe you want to go out for a pint and get to know a few locals or maybe you’re itching for a good, old night out on the town. Either way, it’s good to know what you’re looking for, where you’re heading and what the environment will be like before you wear a cocktail dress to the local watering hole.

Going for a pint? Head to the pub!
Pubs are great for no pressure and no-dress-code fun! You’ll never have to worry about what’s on your feet, and if your nail polish doesn’t match your outfit you’ll be the only one that notices. You can hear the person across from you, and you’ll never have to scream, “WHAT?!” Pubs are relaxed and made for low key drinks with friends. There’s usually a menu, so you can grab some grub while you drink, and footie matches are usually on the flat screens for your passive enjoyment.

Want to feel pretty? Get a bit dressed up and have a laugh? Head to a bar!
Loud music, cheap drinks and other pretty people make a mix for on-the-town success. Think “clubbing lite”-- you can get dressed up or you can go for casual chic. The bar is perfect for a Thursday evening or before heading to your club of choice!

A night out on the town? Head to the club!
Think fashionably chic, short hemlines and sky-high heels. While you may question your ability to walk in six inch heels, you’ll never question your ability to have a good time. If you want to be around fellow tourists head to Soho! To get away from tourists, venture deeper into London: Chelsea, Clapham Common or Camden Town! Each area will offer something different, but you’ll never worry if you’re going to have a good time!

The decision to go to a pub, bar or club can make or break your night, depending on your mood. Whether you’re in London or not, knowing the differences and gauging your temperament will guarantee you have a fun night out.

By: Danielle Mair | Image: Source

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