How to Host a Gameday Party on a College Budget

If fall is dedicated to any one thing, it’s football. With high school games on Friday nights, college games on Saturday and the NFL playing all day Sunday (and don’t forget about Monday Night Football), we just can’t get enough. But instead of spending money at the local sports bar, host a watch party at your place for upcoming games.

Location, location, location! Be sure to find a central spot that’s easy for your on-campus friends to find transportation to. If your place isn’t ideal, ask a friend to partner with you and have the event at their place. This will allow you to meet new people (always a plus).

The first thing most people want to know is if you’re providing refreshments, a key factor in any successful event. The answer is yes! Set a budget and stick with it. Depending on your budget range, you may want to ask guests to pitch in with the costs.

Finger foods are easy and ideal, minimizing the work you have to do before or during the event. The most cost-efficient snacks are a few bags of chips and beverages. Be sure to offer a variety of chips and refreshments to keep everyone happy.

To get your guests in gameday spirit, purchase a couple rolls of cheap streamers and string them on your ceiling or dining table. Buy a few large, plastic bowls in your team’s colors, too. And if you’re really in the spirit to show your team spirit, paint your face with your team’s colors, providing extra face paint for your guests in case they want to join in the fun.

The best part is, you can host a watch party for just about anything; it doesn’t have to be football or sports. No matter the event, if you keep your guests fed and entertained, they’re almost guaranteed to have an enjoyable time!

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