Closet Must-Have: Colored Denim

Think of a guy you had a great first date with but then he didn’t call for two weeks? And then he takes you out again and it’s great. But the third time, it just feels off. You’re not sure where you stand. Are you official, or is this just a fling? But then he calls again and says something that affirms all of your feelings for him. Maybe it took some figuring out at the start, but now you’re so comfortable that neither of you have to try. Everything is effortlessly perfect. Welcome to the relationship between the college girl and colored jeans.

Colored denim inevitably provides the much-needed pop of color to any ensemble.

One of the simplest ways to create this look is by pairing colored jeans with a chambray shirt. The chambray can be worn with almost anything and the combination looks chic. Any shade chambray can work with any shade jeans. The possibilities are endless.

A bolder choice is to color block. An intimidating concept for the less ambitious, it can be an excellent choice if you’re looking to make a statement. Using color wheels from all the way back in kindergarten art class, the trick is choosing colors that are opposites. For example, add a yellow top to purple jeans. It might take some getting used to but like all things, practice makes perfect!

On the contrary, neutrals work just as well. It’s easy to pair colored jeans with a plain white tee (talk about simplicity!) or a long sleeve black chiffon top for going out. Add in animal printed heels to complete the look and hit the town.

For the laid back girl in all of us, another simple look is to pair colored denim with a flowy crop or tank top. Any color will work (color blocking or neutral), and it gives added flexibility to get creative with hair and makeup.

Colored jeans can be found almost anywhere. Delia’s sells them in almost every color available and are two for one, and Forever 21 is great when you’re trying to catch a deal!

To top it all off, grab your denim jacket (the normal, blue color) before you leave the door. This 90s essential will you keep you warm on the coolest of autumn days (picture a chunky scarf and flats!) and definitely ties the whole look together.

By: Jordan Schuman | Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

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